Wednesday, December 22, 2010

almost summer, again

   It is hard to believe that I am sitting on my deck, overlooking a tranquil pond (lake) on this date after the past couple of weeks of 'cold enough for the heat need in the house'.
    The sun is shining and I have doors/windows open and even though it will be quite chilly once the sun goes down, this winter 'heat wave' is very enjoyable indeed.
   I hope all who read my blog have joyous Holidays and good health for a long time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Florida cold!

   When the weather gets cold here, I just want to hibernate at home! Petey has acclimated to all parts of this house including tops of counters, all the furniture, and has mastered the pet door out to the deck too.
     We will probably stay home all of December although I am getting 'itchy' to go somewhere and so that could change at any time. I am thinking that we will head south on our next short trip either this month or next and then in February to the Mid Winter Rally in Orlando. In March is the rally in South Carolina for Roadtrek International and about ten days later is the FMCA rally in Perry, Georgia. 
      By April, I'll be ready to 'hit the road' for a long trip and am already playing with the maps to do a 'loose' plan of travel.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving camping

     Petey and I just did our first week long 'in the RT' and he totally is amazing to me. He is a wonderful traveler even though he sometimes gets on my lap (while I'm driving) for reassurance. He did not try for any doors when I opened them and I was able to put on and take off my front door screens and use my macerator (requiring opening doors) with him staying on the bed and not even 'interested' in what I was doing up there.
   We left last Saturday for O'leno State Park which is about 1/2 hour north of Gainesville, FL. My friends Sue/Jon and their youngest Becky/Corbin had arrived about 10 minutes before me and were busy setting up camp. They have travel trailers and it takes a little longer to get all hooked up and make camp. We enjoyed the woods and daily fires and the great cooking that Becky did for us. I did not need to do anything and ate well too. One day we girls went to Gainesville and while I spent the day with Becky, Sue spent her day with Lynne (an annual event for them) since she lives so close. On Tuesday we went into High Springs for a late lunch/early dinner. With perfect weather the whole time it was a good place to 'test' my new companion at his camping skills.
        On Wednesday, when Sue headed to Pensacola and Becky back to Florahome, I headed to Cedar Key where a small group of RT 'solos' were going. I did not have a reservation so I was 'chancing' that they could fit me into the full park which is right on the bay and has wonderful sunsets.

made for us site
The owners found a site for us between the workshop (on a cement slab) and unoccupied 5th wheel. We had all the utility hookups and more privacy than I could have asked for I only covered those front windows and didn't have to bother with any others. It was cozy!
     While at Sunset Isles RV Park, the ten of us (7 RTs, one reg. van) had daily happy hours watching the sun go down. On Thanksgiving Day the park provided turkey and all the campers brought sides so we had more food than we could possibly eat and were still full at Happy Hour! Friday, we went into town and wandered before having lunch at Coconuts. Some of us sat out on the windy deck while some went upstairs, inside - the weather looked like it was going to rain, but never sprinkled on us.

Jan,Lorraine,Susan,Vicki,Elaine,Ramona (Angel)

Except for some rain during the night on Friday, we had fantastic weather and a great time and discussed when we will be seeing each other again with most everyone planning the Mid Winter rally in February if not before at other rallies.
And, Petey was quite comfortable.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Petey's first ride

  Took Petey for his first ride today in the RT. He wasn't thrilled but did very well. He yelled at me some (not the whole time) and spent his time on the floor and not the bed or front seat. He did come and try to sit on me too. I ran a few errands so I was able to see what happens when I go out the side door and then the driver's door. He was no where near either of them so, although I will always be very careful, I think he is going to do just fine. When we got home (were out about an hour and half), he hung pretty close to me and now is back in his 'closet' safe spot sleeping. I will do this again with him before a ride to the vet and our trip to a campground next Saturday.
    Just for the record, I weighed him and he is 16.6lbs when I do it on my scale (deducting my weight) so he is a mighty big boy!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Post Rally in Kissimmee

     Due to lots of rainy weather, I did not take photos at our rally this time. It was still quite interesting and I learned more about my new Windows 7 (on my laptop). It is always fun to 'hang' with this Roadtrek chapter.
    I did have an expense since I had to replace house batteries and decided to go with two new 'gel' types so I will have 'maintenance' free and not have to check water.
    I also acquired (not at the rally) a new cat who is 4 or 5 years old and he is going to take some time to be comfortable in his new (indoor only) life and surroundings. Since we will be going away in only two weeks, he needs to start being more trusting of me. He discovered the closet so is hiding in there more than under the bed although he will come out when I call him. He weighs about 14.5 lbs so is no lightweight which makes me less concerned that he isn't eating alot right now while he is adjusting.
     The photo shows, though, that he has no trouble getting on the bed but will stay there only if I am there. Petey (he looks like a royal to me -Czar Peter the Great) will be fine and I will love having the companion again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being home -Yuk!

OK, it is definitely more fun and a simpler life being 'on the road' than being at home where there are always so many 'tasks' to take care of and not all of them are any fun at all!
   I did go to Epcot for the day using my free entry ticket (volunteering earned me the ticket) and I had Disney dollars (using a Disney Visa card earns those) to cover parking plus some of the food I purchased. It is the Food and Wine Festival time in the park and I sampled from nine different countries. It was hotter than it should have been for this month so I did more of the indoor, air conditioned rides and exhibits. I slept very well when I hit the bed that night.
    Next week I'll be going to a Roadtrek rally in Kissimmee and that will be fun since being with the chapter members is always a good time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

After a week at home...

Seems I did have the names/ contact information for that great couple who brought me the birthday gifts! As I continue to clean out and re-organize the Roadtrek, I am finding all sorts of things and that includes the contact info I got along the way.
   I am almost done and when I get to the cleaning of the floors, I will be ready to go again. I have almost all the food out so once that is done I will only have to stock what I want to take (food and clothing). My GPS unit is going to be replaced with a new one (compliments of Roadtrek) since it isn't functioning and with the van taken care of I will have to face the house which is in such disarray I am overwhelmed.
   Next week the zoo starts having Boo at the Zoo and I'll be volunteering for that and can only hope our great weather continues.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I am home and realizing how much easier it is to be living in my Roadtrek!
flowers at Golden Isles RV campground

   From my last note at Callaway Gardens, I went to Alabama for a couple of days before heading east to Brunswick, Ga. I was there for a couple of days and it rained 1/2 the time which is why I made sure it was a campground with cable TV. The last evening there, I met a great couple from Ft. Myers who added to my alcohol consumption for that day and I never even got their full names!
             It was a very fun evening and they, too, were heading to Ft. Clinch the next day but were going to camp in the Beach campground where as I was going to be in the River campground. They said they would come and find me. Well, on my birthday evening, they really did! They brought me wine, a card, and a lovely Journal book. I now have their first names but still not able to contact them. I can only hope we meet 'on the road' again.
Ft Clinch
   The other wonderful part of my birthday weekend at Ft. Clinch with my Roadtrek friends was the arrival of my friends (met in Wisconsin) from Hawaii who spent the whole weekend with us  (they are Roadtrek owners) and for me this was the 'icing' on my cake!
   Now I must put things away, clean and take care of 'home' stuff and it is certainly not as much fun as I have had over the last five months.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A week to go...

    I am here in Georgia at my second campground after spending a few days in my friend's driveway. I am not thrilled with summer still hanging around and the need to run my a/c but I have been able to sleep at night with just the vent/fan and that's better than a/c.
             I went to Callaway Gardens and after some walking, I watched the Birds of prey 'show' which was two birds showing their free flights and the 'keeper' explaining all about them. The owl was swooping very low and I had to duck a few times to avoid getting hit.
The flowers in the Horticultural Center were really pretty and this photo is just outside the building!
   The butterfly exhibit was showing only Blue Morphs and they are difficult to photograph with the blue wings in open position. I got more photos of various butterflies when I was on Mackinaw Island in the butterfly exhibit there (photo above shows the blue ones on the window).
     Tomorrow I will go to Alabama and then head back east to Brunswick, GA. On Thursday, next week, I will be going to Ft. Clinch (Fernandina Beach, FL) for a rally with the Roadtrek chapter and that will be my last campground before going home. It will be fun to spend my birthday with my Roadtrek friends.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The time is going.......

  I can't believe that my journey is only a couple of weeks from home. I have been 'wandering' around in North Carolina and am now in South Carolina where I will be until Sunday when I will visit with my friends in Kennesaw, GA. While in N.C., I spent a night at my friend's house  in Hickory and it is always good to visit friends. I discovered that my surge protector works correctly since I tripped the breaker in the house when I tried to turn on my a/c. After re-setting the breaker, I tried all my appliances while on generator and everything was just fine. It was cool enough at night to use their electric to run the refrigerator although I did have my propane turned 'on' for 'just in case'.
   I have discovered the reason for my 'sweating' freezer too and it is now 'fixed' because I had a container that was preventing the door from really being closed properly and now that I have changed that situation, my freezer no longer 'sweats' and all is good. 
    The things I have learned on this trip will serve me well for my future travels. I have more 'stuff' than I could ever need and when I get home cleaning out (house and Roadtrek) stuff is at the top of my priorities.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kentucky, Tennessee

I am at my last campground in Tennessee. I am almost out of wine so I need a Walmart that sells wine and in Tennessee that isn't happening (I have a brand I like that only Walmart sells) so tomorrow I will head to North Carolina and have already put a Walmart Supercenter in the GPS!
   I have done some time in Kentucky and then Tennessee. The entrance into Mammoth Cave is only the start of a long, dry cave but fascinating. It was a lot of 'hiking' in the cave and then 'up' to get out of it.

I spent that night in a nice little place where I met a couple who live in Brisbane, Australia. They bought a used class C and are driving it to California where it will take a boat ride home to Australia.

Then I spent a couple of nights in a Corps. of Engineers campground that was on Lake Barkley, in Kentucky. It is a beautiful park.
     After that I headed to the Nashville area and stayed in a campground where they have country music on Thursday nights (the night I arrived) and dinner is available for purchase too. 
                                                      I did tours the next two days (one in downtown Nashville and then the next day (all day) to the Jack Daniels and G. Dickel distilleries
 Notice that Jack was quite still during this photo op.
      After four nights there, I moved on to a place near Knoxville and then headed here to Bluff City, TN. As mentioned, I will head to North Carolina tomorrow - still not sure where from there.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I can't believe it is already September! In the last week I have done more 'eastward' travel and arrived in Kentucky after some Wisconsin and Indiana. 
 This is Taliesin, the house built and lived in by Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin. The interior designs and landscapes from this house are wonderful and a studio and school for selected  students of architecture exists to keep his ideas going.
   From this place, I drove many back roads and saw lots of corn being grown. I also found some Amish folks riding in their wagons including one who was in front of me and took a while before realizing that if he stopped, I could pass. I was in no hurry so I didn't mind the time frame at all.

I went on from there into Indiana and then Kentucky where I got to see the Mammoth Cave for a couple of 'hiking' hours. It is really quite interesting as a dry cave which goes on and on and on for many miles. The stories told by the Ranger were quite good about who started exploring this place.
    I spent that night in a small campground and met a lovely couple who live in Australia. They bought a used Class C and are driving it to California to be shipped home!
    I am spending a couple of 'relax' days in a Corps of Engineers campground that is lovely on Lake Barkley. There are only about 6 rigs in this whole place but a couple who just arrived told me it will be full for this weekend. I'll be heading to Nashville tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Illinois now

It is getting hard to remember what I have written and what I have never gotten around to since the days 'on the road' blend together. I have done many 'one nights' and that does not make it any easier to remember the day I did which activity. I did get to Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright's house) in Wisconsin and also got to meet a couple of other Roadtrek folks who live in Hawaii but travel in the summer here.
    I, also, now have a semi-messed up computer which may not get totally fixed until I get home (October) so I will work with what I have and hope I do not miss anything (especially bills to be paid). 
   I am in a campground for two nights (need to rest sometimes) and will head out tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Wyoming

I have been driving daily but with some sights along the way such as Yellowstone National Park and their Grand Canyon.
    The beauty is hard to capture in a photo from my small camera but you must believe me that this is a great place to see.
   I went on from there to Cody where I spent a night and then on to Sundance where I went to see the Devils Tower National Monument  (picture above) and the Vore Buffalo Jump (a large sinkhole where the Plains indians rounded up buffalo so they would fall to their deaths and provide food).
Here's one guy all by himself, resting.
       ---Today I am in Custer, South Dakota and will probably stay here a few days. Daily driving gets very tiring and in this campground, they do a barbeque on Friday night. The host here already plied me with wine on my arrival and I am one block from town so I can do some walking.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oregon to Idaho

Hard to believe that I was not going to be traveling this summer and look how far I've gone! From Washington down to the Oregon coast.
   Then I headed inland to the big rally (Family Motor Coach Association/Roadtrek International) in Redmond. It was quite a surprise to discover that I would be 'boon docking' (no electric/water hook up) for the first time but doing it with about 70 other trek folks meant I had good support to learn this new type of camping.
     There were 2000 motorhomes at this rally with the 70 of us little ones. We were parked in an area up on a small hill overlooking the Expo/Fairgrounds but it was a hike to a real bathroom/shower. In fact, the shower was (as my next door neighbor called it) a 'gang' shower. There was no privacy whatever so, needless to say, with the hike and that factor I did more washcloth bathing than real showers. I prefer campgrounds where there is a hook up for electricity and water and will not boon dock unless I need to but now I am comfortable with it.
   My RT is second from the right the ones on either side of me are owned by 'solo' ladies. One is from Arizona and the other from Canada. The one from Arizona is the first where the 'fence' is because she had one of her dogs with her. There were, in fact, many dogs and a few cats too. I left on Saturday instead of Sunday in order to avoid the mass exodus.
    I spent last night in Fruitland, Idaho (further than I intended to drive) and tonight I am still in Idaho but (again further than planned) in Idaho Falls where I arrived after stopping in Craters of the Moon National Monument. This national place is miles of old lava that arrived when the 'hot spots' erupted (current hot spot is under Yellowstone).
   Tomorrow I will drive to Yellowstone National Park and if I can get into one of their campgrounds, will spend a night or two right in the park.

Friday, August 06, 2010


I am amazed at how many miles I drive but have learned that I am happy when I am behind that wheel so sometimes I drive further than what I have planned. This trip has been very 'loosey, goosey' anyway so I guess that is OK.
   Driving through Mt. Rainier National Park was magnificent. I was very impressed with the beauty of it all and how nature has provided this for us to enjoy.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Hiking in Glacier

Second day in Glacier found me hiking..this is St. Mary Falls and the photo does not do it justice.

To get across another creek formed by another waterfall, I had to walk over this two board (one railing) bridge. Was fortunate to have a hiking companion who I met as we got off the shuttle bus which dropped us at the trail head. It was a glorious day although I hurt the next day (hot shower helped).
   Today I am in Soap Lake, Washington which is a lake that has minerals in it which are supposed to 'heal' the body aches and pains and when the temperature rises a bit later, I will attempt it.
   Tomorrow I am heading to Mt. Rainier and hope to camp in the National Park.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am in a campground directly across from Glacier National Park and the scenery is amazing! Yesterday I did the Red Bus tour on the Going to the Sun road and am glad the driver was at that wheel and not me! I got to take great photos and learn about the park while not having to watch the twisty, not always smooth, road. There is construction going on to repair the parts of the road that are really bad and that means 'flag' men who stop traffic and make it a one way road in several areas. The trip started in St. Mary (we were picked up at the campground) and ends at the Lake McDonald Lodge almost the end of the road on the west side of the park. After lunch in the lodge, we returned and got to take more photos. I started out in a jacket and ended up not needing sleeves at all!
at the campsite

glacier made valley

Logan Pass view


Have many more photos -these are samples. I am planning to return to the Park today (walking, using shuttle inside the Park) once the clouds blow away. I was told of a nice waterfall that I can hike to (not too far)  which feeds the St. Mary Lake and that is the view I have from my campsite location.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Michigan to Montana

Hard to believe but I am in Montana! When I left Michigan, I spent a night near Duluth, MN and the next day did some vehicle maintenance at Jiffy Lube. Then I headed west and spent a night in Grand Forks, ND. I had intended staying in another campground further west but still in North Dakota but encountered, for the first time, a campground that was full! I thought I might have to spent a Walmart night when I got to almost the Montana state line because another place I called was also 'full'. So, with daylight lasting 'forever', I just kept going west and spent a night in Glasgow, Montana. I called a few places in my 'plan' and made reservations for Sunday night (near Havre, MT) and starting on Tuesday I will be in the East Glacier area for three days. On Monday night, I have not confirmed a reservation but think I will be in Ft. Benton, MT and can do some sightseeing there.
   Before leaving the ladies in Michigan, we spent a day in Calumet and toured an old theater there. The town was a copper mining town and even Sara Bernhardt performed there. I took a few photos in the theater.
These are in arch over the stage.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Since I have had no internet I was not able to update my blog but I think it has been a week since I wrote anything. I am in Copper Harbor, Michigan and it is currently raining. Yesterday, after a nice stay in Mackinaw (did the carriage tour on Mackinac Island) at Tee Pee Campground including an evening with Becky and Corbin, I headed to Sault Ste. Marie and watched boats go through the locks before taking the Lock Boat Tour and going through them myself. It is interesting to watch the water rise and fall to allow boats to go onto the St. Mary River and either into Lake Superior or Lake Huron depending on the direction they are heading.

Then I realized that I had time (in the rain) to drive all the way to where my RT friends from Melbourne were ending a rally so I did that and spent the night with them including doing a potluck dinner (I stopped and got food for it). They planned to head here to Copper Harbor so I decided to join them and stay for a couple of days too. We ate in a restaurant for dinner and now have great left overs for another dinner tonight. This morning we all walked most of the town and visited some gift shops and then Nancy headed back to the campground while Judith and I walked to the boat marina and took the Lighthouse tour. I asked a couple from this boat ride if they would drive us back into town and they took us right to our corner. We had time for a bathroom stop and by the time we got into our vans, the rain started.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

No more camp nurse

I left Frenchwoods on Friday due mostly to my 'cold' that just wouldn't go away while working 12-16 hours daily. I have headed west and am in a campground in Jamestown, NY. Tomorrow I will head to Ohio on my way to Michigan where I intend to go up the west side and return down the east side.
     My 'cold' is still with me but getting more rest and sitting in the sun today has helped alot. The weather today was perfect at about 81 degrees, sunny and a breeze too. I might even need a blanket tonight when it will be in the 50's to 60 degrees.
    Being a camp nurse was short term but I learned alot about the  job and myself and doing my RV travel is more fun which at this stage in my life is the 'way to go'. Working a job that is not pleasant (and didn't pay very much for that many hours) just isn't for my 'old' body.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Working at Frenchwoods

I arrived in Frenchwoods (Performing Arts Festival) last Wednesday and it took many trips to the van to 'move in' my clothes and 'stuff' that I will need to be here for the summer. I have now returned a few things to my Roadtrek and I keep rotating items needed or not needed. I may have to bring in my little heater since we have had a couple of nights below 50 degrees and it would have been nice to heat up the room before my shower in the morning. I am using a down comforter (given to me by my friend Sue) which has definitely kept me from 'freezing' in bed.
    I started work officially on Tuesday and the last two days have been until midnight before being able to get into bed due to the 'set up' needed for dispensing medications because many parents do not follow a suggested way to get their kids pills to camp. And, it is amazing how many meds/vitamins/supplements, etc. that these kids are on (ages 7-17). There are anti depressants, GI and allergy things as well as the 'real' meds for the asthmatics that are given on a daily basis. During 'sick call' which is officially after breakfast and dinner, we get all kinds of complaints and in these beginning days, the 'homesick' happen alot.
      I am tired but the 'routine' should start being better tomorrow. We are given a few hours off each day (I have this evening off) and I will have two days off in the next 19 days and then another session will start. Each three week session is 20 days with a change of doctor and most of the nurses  come for a session because they bring their kids (they do not get paid and do not pay the camp fee for the kids).
      I found a nice level spot to park my van and hopefully will not have a problem using it all summer when I do leave for a few hours on a day off. I am checking her every couple of days and am keeping up the 'maintenance' things necessary although she sure could use a bath!
    When I start taking pictures, I will show you this camp and the activities that are quite unique to a kids summer camp (we do circus, drama, dance, music, horseback,waterfront stuff,arts/crafts including ceramics and jewelry making,sports including skate boarding) . There is not only the lake waterfront but a pool too. The fitness center (for campers and employees) is phenomenal with classes and machines galore. Employees can participate in any of the activities and once I am more rested, I intend to do that although it will not be circus for sure (too hard).
    I just hope the hills I am walking do not hurt my body too much (knees are aching) and just make me fitter and thinner!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mass. to Conn.

This is the beach at the campground in Dennis Port, Mass. and then the next day was not so nice and I headed to Rhode Island where I stayed in a campground right next to Newport so I got to eat breakfast in a little place that is apparently quite popular with the Newport crowd.

From there I headed to Old Mystic, Connecticut and stayed in a very nice place just north of Mystic and east of Groton. Strange weather did not allow me to do much sightseeing until the day I left and then I drove around Mystic, Nuank (south end of the peninsula) and had breakfast in Stonington Village before heading further west in dense fog and mist.
I drove around the Foxwoods casino and resort (there's an MGM Grand there too) and ended up here in a campground across from Black Rock State park. I needed to have a place with TV since I knew some of this stay was going to be rainy, indoor weather. I did get to walk in the park this morning before the clouds really rolled in and it has been misty, raining on and off all day but I had lunch out before returning to my cave. The television and internet have helped keep me occupied and my books are still waiting for me to pay some attention to them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cape Cod today

My days since last writing have been busy and fun. I visited with my friend Chicki and her husband, Stu, in Marblehead, Mass and she gave me a tour that was terrific (including Salem). They made sure I was fed well and my van was safe (finally used my propane to keep refrigerator cold).
When I left there, I headed towards Cambridge and Boston. I took the subway from Cambridge (right near my nephew's house) and spent a few hours downtown Boston walking the Commons and Gardens. By the time I left, the clouds were rolling in but I got back to my van and got parked in Elliot's driveway safely. Had a nice evening (dinner) with my niece, nephew/niece in law, brother and sister in law and the great niece, Lucy. I slept well while it rained and this morning headed towards Cape Cod. I am in a lovely campground (with TV for when it's raining and I'm inside) and if the sun does come back out tomorrow, they have a small beach area.
   The photos are just a sampling of Marblehead, Salem and Boston. I had done some of Portsmouth, NH before this and even with grey, drizzly skies, it was interesting.