Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mass. to Conn.

This is the beach at the campground in Dennis Port, Mass. and then the next day was not so nice and I headed to Rhode Island where I stayed in a campground right next to Newport so I got to eat breakfast in a little place that is apparently quite popular with the Newport crowd.

From there I headed to Old Mystic, Connecticut and stayed in a very nice place just north of Mystic and east of Groton. Strange weather did not allow me to do much sightseeing until the day I left and then I drove around Mystic, Nuank (south end of the peninsula) and had breakfast in Stonington Village before heading further west in dense fog and mist.
I drove around the Foxwoods casino and resort (there's an MGM Grand there too) and ended up here in a campground across from Black Rock State park. I needed to have a place with TV since I knew some of this stay was going to be rainy, indoor weather. I did get to walk in the park this morning before the clouds really rolled in and it has been misty, raining on and off all day but I had lunch out before returning to my cave. The television and internet have helped keep me occupied and my books are still waiting for me to pay some attention to them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cape Cod today

My days since last writing have been busy and fun. I visited with my friend Chicki and her husband, Stu, in Marblehead, Mass and she gave me a tour that was terrific (including Salem). They made sure I was fed well and my van was safe (finally used my propane to keep refrigerator cold).
When I left there, I headed towards Cambridge and Boston. I took the subway from Cambridge (right near my nephew's house) and spent a few hours downtown Boston walking the Commons and Gardens. By the time I left, the clouds were rolling in but I got back to my van and got parked in Elliot's driveway safely. Had a nice evening (dinner) with my niece, nephew/niece in law, brother and sister in law and the great niece, Lucy. I slept well while it rained and this morning headed towards Cape Cod. I am in a lovely campground (with TV for when it's raining and I'm inside) and if the sun does come back out tomorrow, they have a small beach area.
   The photos are just a sampling of Marblehead, Salem and Boston. I had done some of Portsmouth, NH before this and even with grey, drizzly skies, it was interesting.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Crisscrossing New England

It seems to me that I have been crisscrossing New Hampshire after doing some of that in Maine. I spent the last two nights in Massachusetts but it was just below the N.H state line and tonight I am sleeping in N.H again. I spent my day mostly in Portsmouth wandering the town and hoping the rain would hold off which is did until I got back into the van and headed south again to this campground. I only shopped in Walmart and a grocery store because prices in Portsmouth are 'tourist' priced items and I have found I can get things in Walmart that have the state name on it (souvenirs) for lower prices. As soon as I paid for tonight and walked out of the office, the sky opened up and the rain was like a faucet. It let up just a smidge to allow me to get 'hooked up' but then rained pretty hard for a while. It has actually stopped now. Watching two small squirrels chase each other around a tree is really funny. This type of squirrel has a red tail, is almost as small as a chipmunk but they are still squirrels in behavior.
    I did get to walk into Ashland while there and took a few photos just to try to show off the fact that these little towns are surrounded by great mountains of beauty.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Maine to New Hampshire

I seem to be 'criss crossing' the states I go through. I went from the beach in Maine to Conway, NH for a night and then to Mt. Washington (home of the 'worst weather') and took the cog railway to the top. It was not as clear as I would have liked due to fires in Quebec that were sending smoke down to New Hampshire. The top of the mountain was very windy and cold but sun was shining and I attempted the outside observation area but was almost blown down by the strong winds.
   I headed west from the mountain and spent a night near the Connecticut River which separates NH from Vermont. This morning I headed east again and am now in Ashland, NH with a brook all around me. I am staying here for three nights (will do some laundry and enjoy having TV). It was predicted to be rainy but tomorrow might actually have some sunshine. It is a lovely little park and I'm going to just relax.