Monday, July 28, 2014

Traveling west

It seems funny to say I'm 'on the road again' but it is true. I have left Bass Harbor behind me for this year and am heading to Oregon. Will be leaving Ohio and reach Illinois tomorrow. I have been driving longer than usual but enjoying it so without campground reservations I can just keep on going. Usually I have a vague destination and hope to get into wherever that might be and, so far, it has not been a problem to get a campsite with electric and not expensive.
   I found a cute, small COE park in New York State where the geese love and I got a level site.
And from there I headed to Ohio where I decided it was time for a rest day so I spent a day 'vegging' out and doing very little except reading and answering email.
Next stop is Illinois and westward from there.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another couple of weeks

 I will be leaving Bass Harbor in a couple of weeks and heading west to Oregon. The weather here has become beautiful and I have done some wandering to take this year's photos.
     The flower lady in SW Harbor does a great job and these are by the bus stop at the Post Office.
The view from the bus down to the Harbor
Here in camp the chickens did some laundry
And, yes, sometimes I do put out my awning.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Time goes quickly

    Can't believe it has been two weeks since I wrote last but that's because I've been working (more hours than I am required) and haven't had much time to 'play'. I managed to get to Bar Harbor and not much changes there. I discovered a Thai/sushi restaurant I didn't know was there so that was a lovely surprise.
   The flowers in the square and the view of the harbor is always a lovely one.
And in the campground, we have some chickens (think they are coming in from the street behind us)
    who seem to want to do laundry.
they really were IN the laundry room but I failed to capture the photo until they were on their way outside.