Friday, September 20, 2013

One week after election

I am on the road and heading back to Florida but not in  direct route.

      I came west and then started south through Maine, New Hampshire and now New York State.


As you see, the colors of the season have started and I feel fortunate to be able to see them

I have had great sites with trees and have not felt like I’m in a parking lot.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roadtrek International at PEI

Wow, this rally was fun and exciting and the outcome of the election floored me.

Green Gables House
                We spent some time at Avonlea where the Ann of Green Gables exhibit lives and includes the house, church, school and other buildings which have been moved and preserved.
  The group enjoyed the time although the weather was not the best. The first day that arrivals happened was Sunday and  it was windy and raining hard. No one came out of their RTs until start of ‘real’ rally stuff on Monday afternoon. We had wind all week and more ‘intermittent’ rain while getting to the big tent for events. We had good food and entertainment all week long interspersed with the required business meetings. At the chapter meeting our first ever ‘real’ election took place for the position of President (other positions were filled by acclimation with only a single candidate running). The election ended with a real (surprise to me, for sure) landslide and I am now the new President of Roadtrek International (chapter of Family Motor Coach Association).
   I am still somewhat on a cloud and trying to come down so I can start working on a plan of action (my term starts January 1, 2014 for two years) in hopes of returning our club to the original great social/fun group it was formed to be and not so much the political things that have changed it.