Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wilderness Rally

     Arrived back in Florida after a visit with Georgia friends on September 29th and Susan and I (co-hosting this rally) got busy putting things together to make it good although that night we spent time talking and drinking wine while planning and 'catching up' from the summers when we work camped in different states.
     There were more arrivals on Monday and then on Tuesday the remaining attendees got here and settled in to this campground. In the evening we did a potluck dinner which was, as always, enough food and conversation where we met 'old' friends and made some new ones.
On Wednesday a few of us went for lunch at the convenient restaurant here.
Some attendee rigs

Mindy Simmons
Florida Folk Music
The rally was a success and since the attendee list was small, it was cozy and compatible. We got to talk to everyone and we helped each other with RT stuff a lot.