Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving camping

     Petey and I just did our first week long 'in the RT' and he totally is amazing to me. He is a wonderful traveler even though he sometimes gets on my lap (while I'm driving) for reassurance. He did not try for any doors when I opened them and I was able to put on and take off my front door screens and use my macerator (requiring opening doors) with him staying on the bed and not even 'interested' in what I was doing up there.
   We left last Saturday for O'leno State Park which is about 1/2 hour north of Gainesville, FL. My friends Sue/Jon and their youngest Becky/Corbin had arrived about 10 minutes before me and were busy setting up camp. They have travel trailers and it takes a little longer to get all hooked up and make camp. We enjoyed the woods and daily fires and the great cooking that Becky did for us. I did not need to do anything and ate well too. One day we girls went to Gainesville and while I spent the day with Becky, Sue spent her day with Lynne (an annual event for them) since she lives so close. On Tuesday we went into High Springs for a late lunch/early dinner. With perfect weather the whole time it was a good place to 'test' my new companion at his camping skills.
        On Wednesday, when Sue headed to Pensacola and Becky back to Florahome, I headed to Cedar Key where a small group of RT 'solos' were going. I did not have a reservation so I was 'chancing' that they could fit me into the full park which is right on the bay and has wonderful sunsets.

made for us site
The owners found a site for us between the workshop (on a cement slab) and unoccupied 5th wheel. We had all the utility hookups and more privacy than I could have asked for I only covered those front windows and didn't have to bother with any others. It was cozy!
     While at Sunset Isles RV Park, the ten of us (7 RTs, one reg. van) had daily happy hours watching the sun go down. On Thanksgiving Day the park provided turkey and all the campers brought sides so we had more food than we could possibly eat and were still full at Happy Hour! Friday, we went into town and wandered before having lunch at Coconuts. Some of us sat out on the windy deck while some went upstairs, inside - the weather looked like it was going to rain, but never sprinkled on us.

Jan,Lorraine,Susan,Vicki,Elaine,Ramona (Angel)

Except for some rain during the night on Friday, we had fantastic weather and a great time and discussed when we will be seeing each other again with most everyone planning the Mid Winter rally in February if not before at other rallies.
And, Petey was quite comfortable.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Petey's first ride

  Took Petey for his first ride today in the RT. He wasn't thrilled but did very well. He yelled at me some (not the whole time) and spent his time on the floor and not the bed or front seat. He did come and try to sit on me too. I ran a few errands so I was able to see what happens when I go out the side door and then the driver's door. He was no where near either of them so, although I will always be very careful, I think he is going to do just fine. When we got home (were out about an hour and half), he hung pretty close to me and now is back in his 'closet' safe spot sleeping. I will do this again with him before a ride to the vet and our trip to a campground next Saturday.
    Just for the record, I weighed him and he is 16.6lbs when I do it on my scale (deducting my weight) so he is a mighty big boy!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Post Rally in Kissimmee

     Due to lots of rainy weather, I did not take photos at our rally this time. It was still quite interesting and I learned more about my new Windows 7 (on my laptop). It is always fun to 'hang' with this Roadtrek chapter.
    I did have an expense since I had to replace house batteries and decided to go with two new 'gel' types so I will have 'maintenance' free and not have to check water.
    I also acquired (not at the rally) a new cat who is 4 or 5 years old and he is going to take some time to be comfortable in his new (indoor only) life and surroundings. Since we will be going away in only two weeks, he needs to start being more trusting of me. He discovered the closet so is hiding in there more than under the bed although he will come out when I call him. He weighs about 14.5 lbs so is no lightweight which makes me less concerned that he isn't eating alot right now while he is adjusting.
     The photo shows, though, that he has no trouble getting on the bed but will stay there only if I am there. Petey (he looks like a royal to me -Czar Peter the Great) will be fine and I will love having the companion again.