Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the 'hot'

I am not thrilled to be back where I need a/c all the time even during the night to be able to sleep but once I got south of Virginia, it all returned to our lives.
   Once I realized that I was really heading home, I got antsy and decided to just 'get there' although I am making one more stop along the way, it should be this weekend when I get to my 'big' house again.
    Before getting to Florida, I stayed in North Carolina and Ohio after Pipestem State Park in West Virginia.  

campsite in North Carolina

By the time I reached Pipestem, I knew I was just not going to spend time taking too many photos of campgrounds. I did, however, find some beautiful flowers.
 huge Hibiscus at a campground.

So, I will spend my next few days 'resting', walking, reading, swimming and flea/farmer's market shopping before going home to get re-adjusted.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rally and beyond

The RT rally in Elkhorn turned out to be a genuine winner! It was well organized with more food and activities than originally anticipated and it was enjoyed by all attending. We had 23 solos there (3 guys with all the women) and most of us 'hung' out together much of the time.
15 solos

Region 6 photographers

Happy Hour with solos
parked under the trees

The campground at the fairgrounds was lovely and most of us were in the shade under lovely trees.
Our 'voyage' on Lake Geneva and then the next day the 'dinner' (luncheon) theater were terrific and we got some time to browse the stores too.

Some of the mansions on the lake front are unbelievable.

 Browsing and buying in Lake Geneva.

From Elkhorn, Petey and I headed to Joliet, Illinois where we stayed in a casino campground for a couple of nights. It was exciting when the power went out (bad storm) and it was not just the campground power but the power company that had the problem. For a few hours, my generator got exercised since it was hot enough to need the a/c but the rain was enough to keep me in and I never did get to the casino.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Bark's River, WI

   Since tomorrow starts the Roadtrek Chapter rally, I thought I'd better get a note done today and put a few photos of my stay here in Bark's River Campground.
   We arrived on Thursday and I am tucked into a nice site with some shade. With lower temps, I have only needed the a/c a little in the afternoons to keep Petey from over heating.
We have been sleeping with windows open and no a/c and me needing the comforter!
There are some beautiful 'weeping' trees here on this 120 acre property. This is actually on the Bark River at this point.
Having nice neighbors all weekend resulted in no boredom time and, again, I think I will be returning to the state of Wisconsin in the future.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

grass but no goats on the roof
When I left Bailey's Harbor, I drove up the peninsula after having Swedish pancakes in Al Johnson's where they have sod on the roofs and put goats up there (Sisters Bay, WI). I enjoyed the little towns on the west side of the peninsula (Sisters Bay, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor) and decided to just keep going south to a city park I had been told about. I had my hook ups and shower for a night and then headed to Two Rivers which is on Lake Michigan and this campground is part of a marina so there are boats very busy all the time.
    One of my neighbors gave me Rainbow trout and salmon (fresh fish is always good) both fresh and smoked. I have had to re-arrange my refrigerator and freezer in order to get it all inside and I am eating it too. My neighbors on the other side of me have driven me to town (it is walkable but they were going) and then to Walmart too. I will miss them when they leave tomorrow.
    I am planning on staying here until Thursday.

harbor entrance to two rivers

beach on Lake Michigan (at campground)

town center