Monday, April 25, 2011

South west

sunset in Stockton, TX
 After I left Ft. Worth, I stayed a couple of nights in Tyler and then in Stonewall, Texas. I did not do much sight seeing because nothing interested me enough so when I left Texas (with a night in Ft. Stockton first--great sunset), we headed to Roswell, New Mexico.

alien ?

art piece
   From Roswell, we headed north to Santa Fe where I got to Diana's house but had trouble getting level so I went to a campground about 5 miles from her house. I did get to see her art which has so improved from two years (when I thought it was great) ago that I am hoping she starts selling it and getting out of the management business! She and her friend, Victor, spent Friday and Saturday evenings with me.

      Petey and I headed south on Easter Sunday (no traffic on I-25) and went further than I had thought and we are in Mesilla, NM (Las Cruces). This park is close enough to the old Mesilla square that I was able to walk there, browse, have lunch and return before it got hot enough inside the RT for necessary a/c. I thought the wind would help keep it cool enough but it was not so Pete has his 'coolness' to sleep.


Center of Mesilla

Monday, April 18, 2011

Florida to Texas

big gun
Have been enjoying time in the last week with friends in between driving. In the panhandle of Florida, with G., we visited the Pensacola Light House and then Ft. Pickens.
from top of lighthouse

From there I headed to Louisiana where I only stayed a night in each of two campgrounds. In one, I was offered (and accepted) some freshly made Jambalaya and it was really good.

water lilies
      The next campground was in Tyler, Texas where I 'rested' and took care of laundry. I did a lovely walk there.

    It is across the street from a rodeo arena but being during the week was nice and quiet.

rooster art

jugglers in the wind

I headed to Ft. Worth to spend time with J.D and we had a great time. I stayed in a campground where most everyone there are full time residents which was interesting. We later discovered that JD has enough amperage that I could have easily parked in her driveway. I was concerned that Petey would not have his a/c in the afternoons so that was the reason we did a campground. It worked out OK. It was very windy the day we went to the outdoor art Festival and those jugglers did not do much juggling.
       We ate well while there, walked while seeing things and I enjoyed a great lecture that JD did with two other ladies concerning the use of social media . I am resting in a campground near the LBJ ranch and will do some needed house cleaning today.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


  I arrived in Kissimmee on Monday with the rally due to start on Tuesday but there were some Roadtreks already here so I was not alone at all. It was a beautiful day for weather and that made it even better.
   Tuesday morning the rain came but we did not get the bad winds that were doing damage in other areas of Florida. It rained on and off most of the day but that did not deter the folks coming for the rally and we have more than 62 people here for this rally which is a new record for our T & C (tech and computer) topic. This rally is held twice a year and it is always so interesting, educational and fun with the people.
   Pot luck on Tuesday was delicious and our catered meals Wednesday and tonight are good too.
   So, I am on my starting leg of the journey west and feeling great! Oh, and, Petey seems to be handling this all in his stride. He thinks the rig is his private cave and he is quite comfortable.

Friday, April 01, 2011


Getting ready (waiting) to leave makes me crazy! I just want to go already and it doesn't happen that way. I have packed, re-packed, re-organized and except for food (have to cool down the refrig) and Petey, the RT is ready to leave the driveway. I know I have more clothing than I will need because the longer I am here, the more I decide I 'need' to take with me. I try to take things out when I put something in but that doesn't always work.
   I am not supposed to go until Tuesday but might just head out before that even though I am not going very far for the first stop (RT rally about an hour away).
   My next note should be 'away from home'!