Saturday, May 28, 2011


We do love this beautiful state of Oregon when even in the rain the coast line is phenomenal! I stopped at the Sea Lion Caves and watched the waves crashing onto the shore. I realized that the difference in Maine vs Oregon coast are the big blocks of rock which sit just off the beaches as if a chisel was used to chip it off.
          And, then, there are the flowers which are magnificent! The Rhodendron grow all over in all sizes and colors and there are wild calla lilies too!

sea lions in the cave

waves crashing..sea lions
wild calla


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I must admit that sitting in the rain for the first time since the beginning of April is not so bad with cable TV and internet. Getting here (Coos Bay, Oregon) by driving up the Pacific Coast was full of magnificent views and so a few days in the rain will be OK.
What can I say about these photos:
Just phenomenal-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Petey

passenger seat
Mom says it is my turn to write a note about our travels and I'm going to try but I'm not as sure about what to tell you. I know that when we are 'riding' I stay mostly by her side on the floor but the past few days I have learned it is nice to sit/lie on the passenger seat since I am the passenger while mom drives.
 I, mostly, am happy while we are traveling as long as mom is here. Sometimes she leaves me during the day (but I nap then anyway) to walk but she always comes home and gives me treats so it's OK with me.

Caspar Beach

on the trail

Mom says she had a great 'hike' today on the trail here. And she encountered some trees 'fallen' in the forest. But when she got back she saw the beautiful beach and Pacific Ocean and the walk was well worth it.
We'll be here for another full day so life is pretty good - and the sun joined us instead of the rain so I am happy here and with TV and internet, Mom is happy too.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


So far I have been enjoying this state by visiting family and walking alot. I had some great 'mini' clams in Pismo Beach and enjoyed the beach scenery and local ducks (in the campground) too. The birds make Petey a little nuts but mostly he is a fantastic RV traveler.

ducks at the camp
littlest clams

Sara, Petey


Friday, May 06, 2011

time flies.....

These are photos of the Parker dam 1Parker dam..Colorado riverParker Dam which is on the Colorado river and formed Lake Havasu which is where the London Bridge was moved several years back to link an island with Lake Havasu City.
15. Lake Havasu6. London Bridge 1
On the way back south, the views were really terrific. View..road south Havasu
After leaving Arizona, I headed into the desert of California to Desert Hot Springs and spent a night there. I did have a good view of a mountain with snow still on the top.D. Hot Springs
From there I headed to the L.A. area and the last hour I did on Historic Route 66 so I went through all the towns including Pasadena and Burbank. The campground is in Van Nuys and is about 12 miles from my nephew’s house.
I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day at his house (will park overnight there since the temperatures are dropping enough to not need my a/c during the day).