Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tornado watch/warnings

  New experience for me and Petey was needing to go to a shelter (two at this campground) at 2am when the tornado watch became a warning. We planned on traveling to northern Alabama today (we are at the south end of Montgomery now) but even the campground where we were going said to stay put where it is probably safer.
   He was not happy to go into his carrier (and mighty heavy to carry) but got very quiet once in the office with all the people and dogs around him. We spent about an hour in there until the warning went away and the rain let up enough to get back to our rig. We had some wind to rock us but not too bad and nothing seems to have leaked, so that is good. I have my cable hooked up so I can watch the weather channel and do what's best for us to stay safe.
   We will stay another night here as it could be a repeat weather event. Then on to Lebanon, TN where we hope the fairgrounds is not a lake situation for parking.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

T & C rally April 2014


Sometimes I have to remind myself why I go to the Region 5 ‘tech ‘ rally twice a year and today I absolutely remember the many reasons.

   First of all I get to be with Roadtrek International members who share interests. And, I always learn something either about the electronic stuff (purpose of this rally) or about my Roadtrek (from others). And, we always, always have fun!