Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Travel with only one..

I will be traveling with only one cat now. My Silver Fluff didn't quite make her 17th birthday (May) and went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She had lost weight and was only 8lb 7oz and although we thought she might only need an antibiotic, that only helped for a few days so her last trip to the vet was this afternoon.
   I will miss her waking me early in the morning but I think Missy (who 'knows' something has changed) will not mind being an 'only' cat.
    Next week we will go to a Roadtrek rally at a nice campground in Kissimmee and I hope to continue my learning there enough to 'boon dock' when I do not want to stay in a campground with hook ups and just want a place to spend a night. When we get back, it will be a hectic turn around to be able to leave on May 3rd heading north.
    I can be honest and say that I am a little scared but lots of excited to be doing all of this stuff.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planning and Plotting

As you can see if you've read my blog before, I have changed the title to reflect what is more current. I am sitting with maps and campground directories trying to figure out my adventure starting May 3rd or 4th and ending at Frenchwoods on June 23rd for the summer.