Sunday, October 23, 2011

Past the middle of October

We have now 'waterproofed' the front of the house but I will not know if it really will keep water out until our next 'big' rain which probably won't happen for a while and I just do not want it to be when I am not at home. My house caretakers do a good job but I do not want 'removing water' to be a task to be added to the list.
    The weather has finally become 'autumn' and it is gorgeous. Quite a delight to be outside wearing sweatshirt. I did two days of garage sale and in the shade, I was actually cold!
   Petey loves the cooler weather and has been romping all over the house from one end to the other. He even slept on the bed with me some when the nights are under 65 degrees.
   I am still doing Boo at the Zoo volunteering which is fun but exhausting to my feet and back. I am looking forward to my next rally in November and just need to put in clothing and groceries for us to get there.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

home in rain, rain, rain....

 Well, here we sit home in the rain and it hasn't stopped (short breaks) for two days. It is predicted to rain until about Tuesday and that does not make me happy since I already have about 1/2 inch of water in my downstairs room. It seems to 'seep' in at the bottom of baseboards even though when I had the room renovated we coated everything with stuff to prevent this kind of thing. I will be using a wet vac to get it up but it is frustrating to see it now (do not have the vac yet). I do not have anything down there that can get 'hurt' by a little water on the floor but it is not nice anyway.
    I am not letting Petey on the deck since most of it is wet and when the wind blows from the east, I get 'mist' in my bedroom if the sliding door is open.
       How I managed to get to the theater last night (my usher thing) without 'drowning' is a mystery. I took my shoes and socks in a bag and walked (wearing a longish raincoat with umbrella even in the wind) from vehicle to building barefoot! Bottom of pants did dry (about an hour for that) but mostly, it was OK. I am glad I live only 'around the corner' from the theater so I didn't have to be driving in the 'driving wind and rain' much and I even managed to get back into my driveway safely.
     We are still in better shape than many who have much flooding going on in different parts of this city and others in Florida.
    Next note, I hope, when the sun is shining again!