Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the road again

We left Cedar Key and now are heading to California (third time in this year of 2014). Driving with no other Roadtreks makes me drive a little more and sometimes faster (not more than the speed limit, ever). Being 1/2 way I have chosen to take a 'break' and stay two nights in one place. The weather has cooled (again) so I'm not outside as much as I might like but the sunshine (in Texas) is wonderful. On the way I stayed in a couple of state parks with one being in Florida and the second in Louisiana.
 It sure looked like a bayou to me (Sam Houston Jones State Park, Lake Charles, LA)
        Petey is OK with traveling again and settles into his 'spot' when he sees me stowing things in order to get going again. We are ahead of schedule so will be able to do more than one 'nighters' for the second (more than) 1000 miles.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunset Isle 2014

Here we are back at Sunset Isle in Cedar Key, Florida.

  Until today, we have had wonderful sunshine and great temperatures. Now the rain is falling and then temperatures will drop a lot for the next few days. Still a great place to be with friends.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big House

It is very strange being in this big house after so many months of living in my RT. I have finally gotten the inside of the 'little house' together (removed many items which will not go back in) and now have to give it's outside a bath.
   This 'stix and brix' house is a daunting cleaning job. I am doing little at a time and eventually things will be better. Life 'on the road' is so much simpler. Did all the preventative and other maintenance to my 'gypsy' so we'll be ready to go soon again.
                         The Beachside campground at Ft. Clinch is a nice ending for this trip.

Friday, October 10, 2014

east coast again

I am back in Eastern Time Zone and my body is adjusting after the fantastic trip.
   Santa Fe and Albuquerque were great with good friends and fun adventures.
 Governor's Palace where all the wares are out.
 The church by the plaza
 Great chili
Everything is 'art'
       Albuquerque balloon festival was a wonder and, yes, I 'dry' camped for four nights.
Mass Ascension
Part of mural in the Balloon Museum

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Mexico

It has been quite a journey to get to New Mexico and the weather changes along the way have been memorable too.
     Once we left Pismo, the temperatures went up right away and cool did not return until we got to New Mexico. In Lake Havasu, we could have fried an egg on the hood of my RT and we did not like that much at all.
Seeing London Bridge was fun
And the view from the camp was OK too
Then we moved on to the Meteor Crater in Arizona which was interesting as well.
Thinking about what might happen if a meteor like this one hits again especially in a populated area.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pismo Beach

Well the RTI rally is done and I can’t believe how fast the time disappeared. It was filled with activities and fun (and lots of wine). IMG_4213We were given wine ‘sippy’ cups (wine glass inside of other glass) for the tastings.IMG_4215

We went to Hearst Castle IMG_4125IMG_4135

and got a good idea of how those ‘rich and famous’ played.

Petey already told you about the doggie games. The food we had was phenomenal and it was one of the best Chapter Rallies ever done.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Being in Oregon is wonderful. First we stopped at a camp with a ‘hot spring’ pond and found the waters to be soothing and nice after driving across the boring interstate. That’s also where I noticed the large crack in the windshield from rocks that hit during the ride.

Onward we drove to LaPine where it was two days in a private camp (got a new windshield while there) and then to the State Park where I met up with another solo.IMG_3720chipmunk

Then it was to Redmond for the FMCA event and we had 22 RTs parked together (10 solos). We had a couple of rainy Happy Hours and then finally a couple in sunshine.owned and dealer RTsIMG_3737

Happy Hour 1

Then on to the beauty of McKenzie Bridge

Now we are resting on the Stiletz River and with cool nights, sleeping is fantastic.

What a fantastic life we have.Petey selfie

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Wyoming stop

Here on the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne really are a herd of Bison. I was a little disappointed with my Bison burger as they cooked it more than I like (I am a rare person) and the waitress didn’t pay as much attention to me as she did the tables with more than one person. But for a place to spend my rest day, it is OK.

    the facadeIMG_3656Bison on the ranchThe Bison herd

IMG_3650The office

Monday, July 28, 2014

Traveling west

It seems funny to say I'm 'on the road again' but it is true. I have left Bass Harbor behind me for this year and am heading to Oregon. Will be leaving Ohio and reach Illinois tomorrow. I have been driving longer than usual but enjoying it so without campground reservations I can just keep on going. Usually I have a vague destination and hope to get into wherever that might be and, so far, it has not been a problem to get a campsite with electric and not expensive.
   I found a cute, small COE park in New York State where the geese love and I got a level site.
And from there I headed to Ohio where I decided it was time for a rest day so I spent a day 'vegging' out and doing very little except reading and answering email.
Next stop is Illinois and westward from there.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another couple of weeks

 I will be leaving Bass Harbor in a couple of weeks and heading west to Oregon. The weather here has become beautiful and I have done some wandering to take this year's photos.
     The flower lady in SW Harbor does a great job and these are by the bus stop at the Post Office.
The view from the bus down to the Harbor
Here in camp the chickens did some laundry
And, yes, sometimes I do put out my awning.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Time goes quickly

    Can't believe it has been two weeks since I wrote last but that's because I've been working (more hours than I am required) and haven't had much time to 'play'. I managed to get to Bar Harbor and not much changes there. I discovered a Thai/sushi restaurant I didn't know was there so that was a lovely surprise.
   The flowers in the square and the view of the harbor is always a lovely one.
And in the campground, we have some chickens (think they are coming in from the street behind us)
    who seem to want to do laundry.
they really were IN the laundry room but I failed to capture the photo until they were on their way outside.