Friday, March 26, 2010

First Campground

Well I have finally done a 'real' campground with the cats and it was fun. I did meet up with a group of women who had planned this 'rally' and activities were planned which kept us busy. I was pleased with how the cats handled being in the van even when I was out for a several hours and I think we will have a lovely time traveling.
While at the campground in Apopka, we went on a historic trolley tour and lunch in Mt. Dora and with the sun shining and not too hot, it really was lovely. I had enough food that I didn't need much dinner after our 'happy hour' snacks and wine and I didn't stay up very late because sleep was such a good idea. On Saturday we were supposed to have a 'free' day but it turned out to be more fun when about 8 of us made sandwiches and went to a 'refuge' where we had our picnic lunch.
On Sunday, I headed to Florahome to see Sue and her daughter's house and although it was raining, I plugged into the house to keep the refrigerator running. Becky made the best Shrimp Scampi for dinner and after some TV, I said good night and went to sleep. We had breakfast out for Sue's birthday and then I headed home. I took a scenic route mostly rather than the interstate and that proved to me that this is how I want to travel.