Saturday, December 08, 2007

December already!

Wow, it is already December and the year will be new in only three weeks!
This morning my friend's daughter became a mom for the second time (I knew within an hour of the birth) and so there are now two little girls for her to 'grandmother' alot. The only problem she has is that they are five hours away from her so it takes a little planning to get there but she is on her way right now to see this newest addition.
I am 'branching out' by adding a 'fun' job to my life. I am becoming an employee at the zoo (and some volunteering time too) and so my time on Sunday's there now is more of a committment than it was before but I'll be learning a new skill (for very little pay) as a cashier and that will be something different than the nursing profession!
I am not sending Holiday cards this year so I am wishing you all a happy season and a Great NEW YEAR!