Wednesday, December 25, 2013

California arrival

We finally arrived in California and now have to deal with the time changes again. Our animals are still on eastern time so we seem to be getting up earlier and earlier each day (according to the clock).
    We have managed to stay sane with all the long desert driving and eating a good breakfast (out) each morning has sustained us well. It started with the Derailed Diner in Alabama.

Ending each day with Happy Hour has helped us as well.
 Mostly the drive has been desert with a few distant mountains for scenery.
Soon, the Rose Bowl Parade!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

   I kept looking and when I finally got out the old camera and had to find some batteries for it (uses AA batteries), lo and behold the battery charger and other items I had been searching for were in the same location in their own secure little box! So, I am back in business with my little camera and happy. I am not waking up wondering where I didn't look and so have slept better now.
The three of us are back next to each other for the duration of our stay and we are happy.
A couple drove in with an older RT and we have spent time talking to them about their travels and plans. We have shared ideas about interior modifications which have made out lives easier and that is always a benefit when RTs are together.
Life is good.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Before the camera died

This is called Sunset Isle for a reason and I did get some photos before my camera died (lost the battery charger)

Staying here never disappoints.

Monday, November 25, 2013

First week at Sunset Isle

There are four Roadtreks here and a Leisure Van now too. We have had up and down weather (rain, sun, wind) and today it is cooler than it has been. We expect one of the guys tomorrow and then  few others on Tuesday while most will arrive on Wednesday.
We watch the tide go in and out and expose the mud flats where the water birds wade. When the tide comes back the water laps the shore behind us.
IMG_2191These live beneath the docks and are seen when the tide is out.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cedar Key

  We are now living here on the water and when the weather straightens out it will be fantastic.
 Petey is 'normal' again and seems quite content.
                                My site and the dock behind

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Post rally in Kissimmee

Another successful T & C rally.

We are about to leave for another place but in between for a few days at home. Petey seems to be back to 'normal' and that is a good thing.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wilderness Rally

     Arrived back in Florida after a visit with Georgia friends on September 29th and Susan and I (co-hosting this rally) got busy putting things together to make it good although that night we spent time talking and drinking wine while planning and 'catching up' from the summers when we work camped in different states.
     There were more arrivals on Monday and then on Tuesday the remaining attendees got here and settled in to this campground. In the evening we did a potluck dinner which was, as always, enough food and conversation where we met 'old' friends and made some new ones.
On Wednesday a few of us went for lunch at the convenient restaurant here.
Some attendee rigs

Mindy Simmons
Florida Folk Music
The rally was a success and since the attendee list was small, it was cozy and compatible. We got to talk to everyone and we helped each other with RT stuff a lot.

Friday, September 20, 2013

One week after election

I am on the road and heading back to Florida but not in  direct route.

      I came west and then started south through Maine, New Hampshire and now New York State.


As you see, the colors of the season have started and I feel fortunate to be able to see them

I have had great sites with trees and have not felt like I’m in a parking lot.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Roadtrek International at PEI

Wow, this rally was fun and exciting and the outcome of the election floored me.

Green Gables House
                We spent some time at Avonlea where the Ann of Green Gables exhibit lives and includes the house, church, school and other buildings which have been moved and preserved.
  The group enjoyed the time although the weather was not the best. The first day that arrivals happened was Sunday and  it was windy and raining hard. No one came out of their RTs until start of ‘real’ rally stuff on Monday afternoon. We had wind all week and more ‘intermittent’ rain while getting to the big tent for events. We had good food and entertainment all week long interspersed with the required business meetings. At the chapter meeting our first ever ‘real’ election took place for the position of President (other positions were filled by acclimation with only a single candidate running). The election ended with a real (surprise to me, for sure) landslide and I am now the new President of Roadtrek International (chapter of Family Motor Coach Association).
   I am still somewhat on a cloud and trying to come down so I can start working on a plan of action (my term starts January 1, 2014 for two years) in hopes of returning our club to the original great social/fun group it was formed to be and not so much the political things that have changed it.

Friday, August 30, 2013

New skill for me


I am trying a new way to do my blog using Live Writer so that I can write and do stuff to my blog before I ever need to connect to the internet.

This is the wine glass we got for our manager since the job requires lots of substances to manage.

jj new glass

I found a beach that I never knew existed in LeMoine and had a lovely lunch there (store bought stuff).


IMG_1935I think that is Cadillac mountain which stands above all.IMG_1936

It was the day that I took Petey for his vet visit to get the Health Certificate we might need to cross into Canada and the sun was shining with cool temps and that made it a perfect day.

Our summer of 2013 will soon end here in Bass Harbor and we will go on to other adventures.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Middle of August

  The summer is coming to a close very rapidly. I am unable to post photos due to the poor internet signal but our weather has become almost perfect with sunny days and cool temperatures. We have had more rain this year than last which means the mosquitoes have had a bumper crop and I'm using my 'personal' OFF device to keep them from eating too much of me.
   I will head to Prince Edward Island from here in a few weeks for the Roadtrek Chapter Rally and then it will be south towards Florida. I would imagine my long sleeved apparel will be necessary and I am glad I am prepared for weather possibilities.
   When my signal is better, I will post more photos.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


  The weather just can't make up its mind. One day sun/hot, and next it is rainy/cool. Today we have sun and cool but it is probably going to rain on us more.
    I feel bad for our tent campers who have been here during some hard rain/wind situations. I discovered a 'leak' around my fantastic fan frame but it seems to be only when the wind blows very hard and perhaps I haven't had the vent cover down completely. I am considering one of the vent covers that would allow me to leave it open but protected from weather. In the meantime, I have tightened the frame and will be more alert to keeping the vent fully closed.
    It was nice to sleep 'in' today with no work schedule and when I was invited to go for popovers, I did not hesitate. Had more lobster this past week
always good!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After Fourth of July

   The weather has been up and down so I have spent more time indoors than I am happy about. Granted we have not had the storms or over 100 degree temperatures that others around the country have and still are enduring but for this part of the country (Bass Harbor, Maine) it has been more dreary and cool than sunny and warm. The campground has more RVs than last week when we were full with tents over the Holiday week. Our cabins have been pretty much filled too since tents are not great in the rain.
      I have only had lobster once but that will change soon. They should have their softer shells now and be more abundant.
     My work schedule has varied each week but basically I am doing the 24 hours required (usually more) and I do enjoy it. The days I work until 6 or 7P.M, I find myself really tired since I am just not used to working this old brain/body at a job but I sleep good!
    Petey is staying healthy and seems to enjoy being in one place rather than driving around. I have not unhooked and driven anywhere in about 2.5 weeks so he is really happy.
      My new GPS (Rand McNally 7720) arrived yesterday so my new toy is making me happy and I have put in addresses that I want to keep. It is fun to put in the campgrounds I return to just by finding them in the RV directory that is built into this unit.
I have walked to the lighthouse but with the weather being 'fickle', I haven't walked too many other places.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Missed turn

My friend Cricket and I headed to Bar Harbor but we missed the turn and found ourselves in Ellsworth. So, we went for lunch at a Thai restaurant I had never noticed before going to Walmart to shop.
    The d├ęcor in this restaurant is pure Thai with heavy, wood furniture that has gorgeous sculptures on it. Some tables have carvings on the top and then are covered with glass. The food was good and not too expensive so we have put that on our 'return to' list.
entry doors

next to door

swan napkins

under glass top