Friday, August 30, 2013

New skill for me


I am trying a new way to do my blog using Live Writer so that I can write and do stuff to my blog before I ever need to connect to the internet.

This is the wine glass we got for our manager since the job requires lots of substances to manage.

jj new glass

I found a beach that I never knew existed in LeMoine and had a lovely lunch there (store bought stuff).


IMG_1935I think that is Cadillac mountain which stands above all.IMG_1936

It was the day that I took Petey for his vet visit to get the Health Certificate we might need to cross into Canada and the sun was shining with cool temps and that made it a perfect day.

Our summer of 2013 will soon end here in Bass Harbor and we will go on to other adventures.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Middle of August

  The summer is coming to a close very rapidly. I am unable to post photos due to the poor internet signal but our weather has become almost perfect with sunny days and cool temperatures. We have had more rain this year than last which means the mosquitoes have had a bumper crop and I'm using my 'personal' OFF device to keep them from eating too much of me.
   I will head to Prince Edward Island from here in a few weeks for the Roadtrek Chapter Rally and then it will be south towards Florida. I would imagine my long sleeved apparel will be necessary and I am glad I am prepared for weather possibilities.
   When my signal is better, I will post more photos.