Sunday, June 26, 2011


   Driving in Idaho was really a lovely surprise for me. I didn't realize how pretty much of it really is and the rolling hills and pretty canyons and valleys made driving enjoyable even with the very curvy roads.
Ponderosa State Park

We stayed in this lovely State Park in McCall after leaving Bear Lake (stopped just outside of Boise first) and getting there on ID 55 was a beautiful drive.
  I put my 'girl' pinwheel out by my site and it always get me conversation from other campers.

My 'girl' pinwheel

site in Ponderosa

We drove on from there to Lewiston to visit with Gwen which was fun. The temperature had gone down enough to not need a/c, so I was parked in her driveway needing electric only for a few things and since I didn't have to cook, I did not need my propane either.
She took me to see the town which lies in a lovely valley in the rolling hills as well as driving around to see the areas in the town itself which is a 'kin' to Clarkston, WA (right across a bridge) and taught me that these towns were named after Lewis and Clark since they are really on the Lewis and Clark 'trail'.

view of the valley

It is a nice 'perk' to be able to visit other Roadtrek 'solos' along this trip and adds to the enjoyment more than can be imagined.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, I must admit, mom takes me lots of places and some are really quite an experience! We wound up in Las Vegas after a few not very interesting places for overnights. The purpose of going there, she said, was to visit with some friends and get to see the new bridge by Hoover Dam. We didn't expect to have temperatures of 102-107 while we were there!
   Mom tried to take me to dinner with her friend Judy since it was so hot in the RT, but the restaurant wouldn't let me stay so we came back and got through the evening OK (the temperature had gone down enough for the a/c to be of 'good' help). The night was fine with the air conditioner and the outside temperatures tolerable.
  The next day, her friend Barb came and took us to Hoover Dam. I was not really thrilled about being in the carrier and Barb said I could be out in her little car.
the new bridge

Hoover Dam

sculpture of a builder

When we got back from Hoover Dam, mom left me in the RT and she went to lunch with Barb. She got back and we 'suffered' through the afternoon heat together. She put wet towels on me to cool me down and when the sun started setting, the outside temperature cooled and we got through another night with the a/c running. We left very early the next day and headed north to a cooler situation and both mom and I were quite happy about it.
After a night in Utah, we continued north and now we are in Idaho. We came through the Logan Canyon and at the top there was a visitor center and a great view of Bear Lake which is where we headed.

Bear lake
on the road N. Utah to Idaho
It is really nice to only need to open the windows to be comfortable and we might even need the heater during the night!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

from McKenzie Bridge to Eagle Lake

After leaving the Oregon coast, we headed inland to McKenzie Bridge to visit with Jane. It was a lovely couple of days with good company and great scenery.
raging falls

These are only a smattering of the fantastic scenes and I will remember all the water and mountains and trees and flowers forever. And on the way after this we found
Mt Washington

    When we left Jane, we headed towards Crater Lake but didn't go there since the road still has lots of snow on it. We did stay overnight just south of there but then headed south again to Eagle Lake, California. This is a lovely campground (where deer roam around and the chipmunks are numerous) right on the lake which I can see from my site.

       The chipmunks do make Petey get his exercise as he runs from front to back wndows trying to chase them.
     All in all this past week has been terrific and tomorrow we will head into Nevada.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oregon, continued

Mom won't let me take hikes with her but she does show me the photos that she takes and since I'm happy in my cozy room, I let her do all the exercise!

These are the big Douglas Fir trees in this State Park (Honeyman)

Walking on the dunes is interesting.

                                                                         This little one was three feet away.

lake and 'pier'

my site

trail to the lake

So, mom will do some more hiking today since the sun is out and it is going to be a gorgeous day. I will keep the RT safe and sound. Our new friends gave mom wine and dinner last night and I was really happy when she came back in to give me some love.