Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home after Georgia

I got home from Georgia and the rally in Perry (big FMCA, over 2700 rigs there) and am trying to clean up so that I can leave for my 'long' trip in April.
center of Fairgrounds

the Roadtrek group

my corner site
   Driving a Handicapped and Activity Golf Cart at the rally was really fun and I was able to talk to lots of people. My parking site was fantastic! I decided to spend the money for electric so I was in the volunteer 'electric' lot. I asked for a site not between two 'big' rigs and they gave me a corner which was not only geographically good but it turned out to have water and a sewer line right there (RV folks will understand how great this is). I attended many of the seminars and the evening entertainment was wonderful.
    I met great people and learned alot and always feel that rallys are fun!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

GA, South Carolina

My first two nights out, I stayed in Georgia and it rained most of the full day that I was there however it is a park I would return to for overnights since the price was right, the place is small and run by a young couple who originally are from Australia and have three small children.
   The third night was in Hollywood, South Carolina it was only about 25 miles from the rally site here in Ladson. I was able to get unhooked on Sunday with no rain but by the time I got into the rally site, the sky had opened. The guy who helped me plug in and I got soaked!  It did pass by evening and all the participants met for dessert and coffee. There are 93 rigs here so it is interesting to talk to folks about where they are from and what they have done to their Roadtreks (some of RTs are really oldies).
in Hollywood, SC
white one is 1994, mine to its right
  Many of the folks are off on a bus tour today to Charleston and a Plantation. There are a handful of us who did not go with them.
   At least the sun is shining, although last night I needed the electric heater all night to stay warm. I will be here until Thursday and then head back into Georgia.
    Petey, by the way, is doing very well and is so well behaved that he constantly amazes me.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Finally..on the road again

Well, the 'itchy' got me and I left early today although the rally I am heading to does not start until Sunday. So, today, Petey and I are in Georgia and will stay here for a couple of nights. It is a small campground and I think mostly 'short' term folks are here but the owners are Australian and want to do lots of things with the place. There is nothing close by so unless I unplug to go into St. Mary's (closest town), I will just 'hang out'. I do not get much television (some old stuff on ION stations) so playing on computer (free internet) is OK.
   And, I will walk and sit/read and just plain relax. It amazes me that I can sit and do very little when I am traveling but when I am home it makes me crazy to do 'little' of anything. On Saturday, I will head to the Charleston area.