Saturday, May 28, 2005


I got home this afternoon in the heat of Florida. I am glad I have a great neighbor who turned on the air conditioner and kept the temperature reasonable in the house.
It took a while to get the van unloaded and I even unpacked some. I did a load of laundry, which would have had to be done if the trip were longer anyway. I will finish unpacking tomorrow. I got the slacks that were folded hung up (great fabric, not even wrinkled) and the hanging bag is hung-just not put away. I really took way too much and that is helpful information for the next trip. I will be more cognizant of weather although I did have what I needed this time. I found that the new jacket I bought matches all three of the slacks I took if I had needed nicer pants than the jeans I wore it with a few times.
The nicest thing is that the trip didn't cost as much as I anticipated and I only paid ONE pet fee! In Savannah, I told them, specifically, that I had pets, but it wasn't on the bill so I didn't say another word.
I think I will sleep very well tonight after a hot shower. The animals are happy to be home and have freedom to be indoors or out on the deck (even though it's pretty hot out there).

Friday, May 27, 2005

Last day before going home

I spent today doing not much of anything important. I went to two malls and didn't even buy anything. I was just being lazy and after a nice lunch, I came back, watched some soap operas, and drank red wine. I guess everyone is entitled to a 'rest' day, but it did teach me that when I'm traveling I do not need extra days. I will plan my next trip as a much wiser person including what I need to take and what I don't for me and the cats. I took way too much stuff this time but it WAS the test trip to educate myself about the real needs and how to do it. I didn't need to do any laundry because I took enough that it just wasn't necessary. I can plan better for longer trips now.
I have learned that these 'mini' suites are the best type for us even though they are not the least expensive way to go. They have all the amenities we need including the 'hi speed' internet that is important for me not only to communicate but to pay bills along the way on those longer trips when I won't be home to get bills in the mail.
I will write when I get home but not as frequently until I get ready for the next 'road trip'

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A lovely day in Historic Savannah

I had a lovely day in the historic part of Savannah today. It even got hot! After so many days of rain and cold, it was a nice change.
I used my free pass on the Old Town Trolley and got to see all the squares as well as walk on River Street and in the City Market. It truly amazes me how fast the hours go when you are just looking at stuff, browsing the stores, and walking, walking, walking. For lunch I was in a restaurant facing the river and it truly is a busy port. I got to see this huge tanker ship come into the harbor and sail up the river.
I am still not sure what I'll do tomorrow since I'm staying here until Saturday but I'm sure that somehow the hours will go by as quickly as they did today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

mostly sunshine for this drive

We left Petersburg, VA at 7:30am and except for about the first 90 minutes of rain (and truck spray), the drive was in partial sunshine and that was lovely. It warmed up as we came south and here in Savannah it is currently 73 degrees and that is way different than the 50 of this morning.
I am staying in a Townplace Suites and like the Residence Inn, it is a 'studio' with a kitchen that includes all but a full stove. The bed has those nice boards on the bottom so the cats can't get under it and they are busy exploring everything here and seem pretty comfortable. Our window is on the pool, and we get the sun, apparently, so there is a sunny spot on the bed as well as the window sill for them to enjoy. We'll be here until Saturday so they will get very comfortable.
All in all, I think this has been successful for my first trip.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Driving in the rain, again!

I arrived in Petersburg after a very rainy trip from Corning around 3:30PM. Got everyone and everything into the room and am finally feeling warm. With the rain came low temperatures and since the heat isn’t working in the van, the ‘defrost’ (to defog the window) works on cold air blowing. I didn’t leave it on all the time, just enough to be able to see and with the truck spray on the big highways, it is a tense way to drive. Much of the trip was alongside the Susquehanna River and even in the rain it was pretty although it would have been wonderful with some sunshine.
I do not have hi-speed internet and have realized how spoiled I am but I can connect with the phone line and although it will be slow, I’ll still be able to post this note.
We leave early for Savannah tomorrow and, I’m afraid, it will be in the rain again!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Corning Glass

I went to the Corning Glass Museum today and made three things in glass! It was interesting and lots of fun. I made a large glass bead that can be worn on a neck rope/chain, a small square with designs in glass done with a slight curve (you'll have to see it to understand) that I will put a candle on, and I blew an ornament in a tear shape that will hang in my house.
The main street here isn't much except the buildings are old fashioned design. There are many empty stores on Market Street so anyone who wants to start a business here, there are lots of spaces to use!
Tomorrow will be a very long drive day to Petersburg, Virginia and then on Wednesday it will be another very long drive to Savannah, but I'll be there for three days and if the weather is nice, it will be wonderful to sleep little later on Thursday morning.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arrived in Corning, New York

The drive today from Deptford, New Jersey to Corning, New York was uneventful. The weather was cloudy and cold but it didn't rain on us so even with slower speed limits and a couple of 'pit' stops, I checked into the hotel around 2:30pm.
This room has a huge king sized bed with a 'sleep number' mattress- maybe my back will feel good in the morning. The only problem is that the cats can get under it and it will be a challenge to get them into the carriers on Tuesday morning when we head back south. I will not think about it until then and maybe I can trick them or corral them in the bathroom where they are being fed as well as being a bathroom. I also have a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeepot and the hi-speed connection that is spoiling me since it's free.
The weather prediction for tomorrow is cold, cloudy and probably rain but I will enjoy myself anyway. I have my umbrella and a lined raincoat/jacket that will help keep me warm and dry and mostly I expect to be indoors. There are also several massage possibilities right near the hotel (I walked to get some dinner this evening) so I have that option too. I saw one for only $40 for an hour and that is very tempting.
That's all for today.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday in New Jersey

I woke up early which I do not understand since I was up past 11pm and was hoping to sleep a little later but at 5:30am, I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. So, I got up and had coffee (having a room with a kitchen is better than just having a coffee pot) and played some on the computer (having free hi speed internet service is wonderful!) and then after breakfast and showering, I went over to the mall and bought a few things -on sale stuff, of course!
Then, after eating my left over Chinese food, I went to my nephew's house. I went to watch Miranda (the almost 5, going on 12 niece) ride a horse. Brian takes her every few weeks where she gets instruction and seems to enjoy it. We came back and ate a great dinner that Nikki (niece in law) made and got to watch the Preakness on a huge HD TV.
I was wearing a jacket that I bought this morning and didn't notice (Nikki did) the electronic tag still on it! There was no alarm when I left the store (Macy's). So on my way back to the hotel this evening I had to stop and get them to take off the tag. It's good that the store is so close.
To make the day really great - there was NO RAIN! The weather was beautiful and I had a lovely day. Tomorrow, I will leave to go to Corning, New York and make something from glass as well as learn how they make the beautiful glass things.
I can't believe a whole week has gone by already, so I'm thinking the summer trip will work out just fine.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Driving in the rain

We left Williamsburg before 10am this morning and it was long, rainy, heavy traffic day. I had forgotten that as you go north the traffic is bad and with the rain (and heavy spray from the trucks), it was a difficult drive. We had stop and go traffic several times on I-95 and that was a surprise. I only stopped a couple of times for a bathroom run and gas.
We checked into our hotel after 5pm and after getting the cats in and settled (not an easy task in the rain) and most of my stuff inside too, I went to have some dinner with my nephew and meet (for the first time) his wife as well as see both 10 week old Alexis and almost 5 year old Miranda (my two great nieces). I didn't stay long (they live about 15 minutes from this hotel), and was back in the room a little after 8pm.
Prediction is for no rain tomorrow but it is colder than I anticipated. I have already re-arranged some of my clothes and things to make it easier to get into the room the things I really need instead of having to go out to the van and get individual items. I make more trips for me than the cats! They are doing remarkably well except when it comes time to get them back into the carriers to leave a hotel. I have been able to load them in the carriers and into the van in about 30 minutes , which I don't think is too bad. It takes me almost as long to get my things together.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I was up early today even though I stayed up to watch the Alias season finale. I left the hotel to walk over to Colonial Williamsburg before 9am. Most everything was still closed but I took pictures and by the time I got to the 'shopping' area, things were open. There was nothing of great interest to buy so I got a small refrigerator magnet and nothing else. I went to any place that I didn't have to have a 'visitor's tour pass' and still got to see quite a bit. I had lunch at the King's Tavern and wandered some more after that - I am now resting! I will go back out later but all that walking while carrying more weight than I wanted (had an umbrella to keep with me) is hard on my shoulders and back.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Drive day

I drove all day today to get from Charleston to Williamsburg. With stopping for gas and the bathroom and then getting lost (although close) getting to the hotel, it was close to 6pm before I checked in and got everything in place for my two night stay here. This hotel is only a couple of blocks from the historical part of Williamsburg so tomorrow will be a walking day.
The weather report says 'rain' but I'm hoping that doesn't really happen.
I went to ask the reception desk for a cable for the internet box in the room and she said that someone told her the sytem was down but she gave me the cable anyway and obviously, it works now. While I was there she was ordering Chinese food, and guess what I had for dinner! Now, I'll watch some TV and don't think I'll have a problem falling asleep.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rain, rain, go away

I must not be destined to really spend time in this city (Charleston) because the last time I was here (1988) it also was rainy and I only spent one night and got out of town. This time I was determined to do some sightseeing and managed to do that (took a bus tour, visited a museum, had a nice lunch) before the sky opened up. Even with an umbrella my lower legs and shoes got pretty soaked. Then, I was going to get some 'take out' sushi for my dinner and the place I went to (saw it on the bus tour), wasn't open! It wasn't a bad day though all in all and Charleston is so historical, it was worth the little bit of wetness.
Tomorrow I head to Williamsburg and the hard part will be getting the cats into their carriers--there is bed for them to get under in this suite. I'll have to do a little trickery to accomplish my task.

Monday, May 16, 2005

First legs of trip

I left for Jacksonville on Sunday and with no traffic, I got there by 2:30pm. I was able to back in park in front of my room so I took the cats in their carriers individually into the room.
My friend Becky came over around 4pm and after talking for a while (we haven't seen each other for at least 2 years), we had dinner at a local Red Lobster. We talked until almost 8pm and it was wonderful.
This morning, I got up way earlier than I had planned but my cats were really not comfortable in the room (dirty carpet, Whiskers foamed at the mouth all the time) and a big opening under the bathroom sink where they wanted to go made me keep that door shut. They woke me a couple of times and I finally got up befor 7am. This motel offered continental breakfast, so I was able to have juice, coffee and a muffin and I took a bagel/cream cheese with me for lunch (I still had some cold cuts in my cooler). That bagel and cold cuts were a very nice lunch.
I arrived in Charleston by 1:30pm although it would have been sooner had I not gotten a little lost to the tune of a 30-40 mile extra circle drive. Just proves I should follow my instincts better and it would not have happened. So now I'm in a lovely Residence Inn and right after I got the cats in, the sky opened up. I still need to get some things from the car for me, but in the meantime, I got the internet connection and figured I should write. I'll be here until Wed. morning. Oh, yes, this bed is 'open' underneath so it will be a challenge to get the cats into the carriers on Wed., but that how it goes.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Almost ready to leave

I am almost ready to leave now. I might leave on Sunday and stop in Jacksonville before heading to Charleston on Monday. If my friend Becky will meet me on Sunday night for dinner, I will definitely go on Sunday but right now it is still a decision to be made.
I have checked out the van (rotated tires/did oil and filters and fluids), finalized most anything that needs to be done except my hair (can't go with bad hair color).
I am going to be busy for the next two days with work related things so it will be Thursday before I get crazy with it again. I have this great Hospital picnic to attend on Saturday which is held in the zoo (this year there is a time limited exhibition of butterflies) and we are fed very well so I do not want to leave before then and can easily pack after that to leave on Sunday. If I go to Jacksonville it is only three hours so I can leave in the afternoon.
I am very excited and a little nervous because it will be work (with the cats) but fun too.