Thursday, August 21, 2014


Being in Oregon is wonderful. First we stopped at a camp with a ‘hot spring’ pond and found the waters to be soothing and nice after driving across the boring interstate. That’s also where I noticed the large crack in the windshield from rocks that hit during the ride.

Onward we drove to LaPine where it was two days in a private camp (got a new windshield while there) and then to the State Park where I met up with another solo.IMG_3720chipmunk

Then it was to Redmond for the FMCA event and we had 22 RTs parked together (10 solos). We had a couple of rainy Happy Hours and then finally a couple in sunshine.owned and dealer RTsIMG_3737

Happy Hour 1

Then on to the beauty of McKenzie Bridge

Now we are resting on the Stiletz River and with cool nights, sleeping is fantastic.

What a fantastic life we have.Petey selfie

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Wyoming stop

Here on the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne really are a herd of Bison. I was a little disappointed with my Bison burger as they cooked it more than I like (I am a rare person) and the waitress didn’t pay as much attention to me as she did the tables with more than one person. But for a place to spend my rest day, it is OK.

    the facadeIMG_3656Bison on the ranchThe Bison herd

IMG_3650The office