Saturday, April 23, 2005

reservations done

All the reservations for this trip in May are done and I am glad because now I can relax a little bit and collect information for the places I will be visiting.
I am even starting to plan the summer trip and have changed that itinerary a few times already.
It is exciting to think about the trips and the adventures ahead.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Itinerary change

I have already made a change in destination plans and after New Jersey I will head to Corning, New York where I have always wanted to see the 'glassworks'. Then, I will head back south. I was thinking of doing Corning at the beginning of my summer trip, but if I do it now, and it makes sense to do it while I'm in that part of the country anyway, I will take my other route in the summer through the southern states rather than the eastern side of the country. Both possible routes take me to Yellowstone and beyond to the west coast.
I keep re-arranging the mini-van to make it as 'user friendly' as possible for taking all the things I might need for the cats and myself. I put them all into the cages (have two back to back large cages for them with a litter box inside) to see how they would 'fit' and I think they will travel very comfortably. The hard part for me will be getting them in and out (into and out of hotel/motel rooms) but it will be good 'exercise'. I'll be using carriers and will have to get into the van, shut the door and put each animal in it's own box before I can re-open the doors and move them all (on a small flatbed cart). I can envision trying to get them into the carriers when we are leaving a room-Goldie is not the easiest to catch and last time we went to a hotel, Shadow got herself up into the box springs and it took an hour to get to her.
The trips will be an adventure and that's the exciting part.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I spent an awake night (until almost 3am) with the travel planning in my head so I got up and worked on it until I finalized my itinerary and now just need to make hotel reservations.
The new and final itinerary is Melbourne, Charleston, Williamsburg, Deptford, Richmond, Santee, and then Savannah.
I have already re-arranged the van several times (including during the night) to make it more 'user' friendly for me. When I actually pack (clothes and stuff), I'll see if I have really done it in the most effective/efficient manner.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Planning the trip is quite a chore, and I'm doing two trips!
I am almost positive about the first trip in May with hotels chosen for the cities I'll be staying in but it's still a decision as to how many nights I'm staying in each place.
The current itinerary is Melbourne to Charleston, Richmond, Deptford, and then back via Rocky Mount, and Savannah. I know I'll be in Deptford May 20-22nd but am not sure if I want to stay more than two nights in charleston and Savannah. I, therefore, have not made the reservations for anywhere yet.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Travel in the mini

This is my first posting and hope to get more familiar with 'blogging' so that I can
capture the moments of the trips I am about to take in my mini-van with five cats.