Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am in a campground directly across from Glacier National Park and the scenery is amazing! Yesterday I did the Red Bus tour on the Going to the Sun road and am glad the driver was at that wheel and not me! I got to take great photos and learn about the park while not having to watch the twisty, not always smooth, road. There is construction going on to repair the parts of the road that are really bad and that means 'flag' men who stop traffic and make it a one way road in several areas. The trip started in St. Mary (we were picked up at the campground) and ends at the Lake McDonald Lodge almost the end of the road on the west side of the park. After lunch in the lodge, we returned and got to take more photos. I started out in a jacket and ended up not needing sleeves at all!
at the campsite

glacier made valley

Logan Pass view


Have many more photos -these are samples. I am planning to return to the Park today (walking, using shuttle inside the Park) once the clouds blow away. I was told of a nice waterfall that I can hike to (not too far)  which feeds the St. Mary Lake and that is the view I have from my campsite location.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Michigan to Montana

Hard to believe but I am in Montana! When I left Michigan, I spent a night near Duluth, MN and the next day did some vehicle maintenance at Jiffy Lube. Then I headed west and spent a night in Grand Forks, ND. I had intended staying in another campground further west but still in North Dakota but encountered, for the first time, a campground that was full! I thought I might have to spent a Walmart night when I got to almost the Montana state line because another place I called was also 'full'. So, with daylight lasting 'forever', I just kept going west and spent a night in Glasgow, Montana. I called a few places in my 'plan' and made reservations for Sunday night (near Havre, MT) and starting on Tuesday I will be in the East Glacier area for three days. On Monday night, I have not confirmed a reservation but think I will be in Ft. Benton, MT and can do some sightseeing there.
   Before leaving the ladies in Michigan, we spent a day in Calumet and toured an old theater there. The town was a copper mining town and even Sara Bernhardt performed there. I took a few photos in the theater.
These are in arch over the stage.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Since I have had no internet I was not able to update my blog but I think it has been a week since I wrote anything. I am in Copper Harbor, Michigan and it is currently raining. Yesterday, after a nice stay in Mackinaw (did the carriage tour on Mackinac Island) at Tee Pee Campground including an evening with Becky and Corbin, I headed to Sault Ste. Marie and watched boats go through the locks before taking the Lock Boat Tour and going through them myself. It is interesting to watch the water rise and fall to allow boats to go onto the St. Mary River and either into Lake Superior or Lake Huron depending on the direction they are heading.

Then I realized that I had time (in the rain) to drive all the way to where my RT friends from Melbourne were ending a rally so I did that and spent the night with them including doing a potluck dinner (I stopped and got food for it). They planned to head here to Copper Harbor so I decided to join them and stay for a couple of days too. We ate in a restaurant for dinner and now have great left overs for another dinner tonight. This morning we all walked most of the town and visited some gift shops and then Nancy headed back to the campground while Judith and I walked to the boat marina and took the Lighthouse tour. I asked a couple from this boat ride if they would drive us back into town and they took us right to our corner. We had time for a bathroom stop and by the time we got into our vans, the rain started.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

No more camp nurse

I left Frenchwoods on Friday due mostly to my 'cold' that just wouldn't go away while working 12-16 hours daily. I have headed west and am in a campground in Jamestown, NY. Tomorrow I will head to Ohio on my way to Michigan where I intend to go up the west side and return down the east side.
     My 'cold' is still with me but getting more rest and sitting in the sun today has helped alot. The weather today was perfect at about 81 degrees, sunny and a breeze too. I might even need a blanket tonight when it will be in the 50's to 60 degrees.
    Being a camp nurse was short term but I learned alot about the  job and myself and doing my RV travel is more fun which at this stage in my life is the 'way to go'. Working a job that is not pleasant (and didn't pay very much for that many hours) just isn't for my 'old' body.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Working at Frenchwoods

I arrived in Frenchwoods (Performing Arts Festival) last Wednesday and it took many trips to the van to 'move in' my clothes and 'stuff' that I will need to be here for the summer. I have now returned a few things to my Roadtrek and I keep rotating items needed or not needed. I may have to bring in my little heater since we have had a couple of nights below 50 degrees and it would have been nice to heat up the room before my shower in the morning. I am using a down comforter (given to me by my friend Sue) which has definitely kept me from 'freezing' in bed.
    I started work officially on Tuesday and the last two days have been until midnight before being able to get into bed due to the 'set up' needed for dispensing medications because many parents do not follow a suggested way to get their kids pills to camp. And, it is amazing how many meds/vitamins/supplements, etc. that these kids are on (ages 7-17). There are anti depressants, GI and allergy things as well as the 'real' meds for the asthmatics that are given on a daily basis. During 'sick call' which is officially after breakfast and dinner, we get all kinds of complaints and in these beginning days, the 'homesick' happen alot.
      I am tired but the 'routine' should start being better tomorrow. We are given a few hours off each day (I have this evening off) and I will have two days off in the next 19 days and then another session will start. Each three week session is 20 days with a change of doctor and most of the nurses  come for a session because they bring their kids (they do not get paid and do not pay the camp fee for the kids).
      I found a nice level spot to park my van and hopefully will not have a problem using it all summer when I do leave for a few hours on a day off. I am checking her every couple of days and am keeping up the 'maintenance' things necessary although she sure could use a bath!
    When I start taking pictures, I will show you this camp and the activities that are quite unique to a kids summer camp (we do circus, drama, dance, music, horseback,waterfront stuff,arts/crafts including ceramics and jewelry making,sports including skate boarding) . There is not only the lake waterfront but a pool too. The fitness center (for campers and employees) is phenomenal with classes and machines galore. Employees can participate in any of the activities and once I am more rested, I intend to do that although it will not be circus for sure (too hard).
    I just hope the hills I am walking do not hurt my body too much (knees are aching) and just make me fitter and thinner!