Tuesday, December 22, 2009

short trip to GA

I have just returned from a short trip to Sue's in Georgia where it was definitely winter and this Florida gal was a little chilly!
We had a great time shopping for things for her 'open house' which was a success on Sunday evening with so much food that even I got to take home 'left overs'. Jon and Sue had decorated the house inside and out for the Holidays and it is really pretty.
When I left on Monday morning it was 29 degrees and Jon was busy scraping ice off my van windows so I could see and with the help of the defroster, it was just fine. The sun came out and there was very little traffic so the drive home was quite uneventful. The mileage I get on my minivan is so good that it is hard to think about exchanging it for a small RV (Roadtrek) and will, again, take more thought (and finding the right price).
When I got home, the heat was needed and I had it on all night so I think that winter followed me. I do not mind some coolness and 50 here is not so bad. It gives me the chance to wear the winter sweaters and sweats.
Now, I just need to get everything back together (put away and mail stuff and homeowner stuff) so I can be back to 'normal' for a while.