Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being home -Yuk!

OK, it is definitely more fun and a simpler life being 'on the road' than being at home where there are always so many 'tasks' to take care of and not all of them are any fun at all!
   I did go to Epcot for the day using my free entry ticket (volunteering earned me the ticket) and I had Disney dollars (using a Disney Visa card earns those) to cover parking plus some of the food I purchased. It is the Food and Wine Festival time in the park and I sampled from nine different countries. It was hotter than it should have been for this month so I did more of the indoor, air conditioned rides and exhibits. I slept very well when I hit the bed that night.
    Next week I'll be going to a Roadtrek rally in Kissimmee and that will be fun since being with the chapter members is always a good time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

After a week at home...

Seems I did have the names/ contact information for that great couple who brought me the birthday gifts! As I continue to clean out and re-organize the Roadtrek, I am finding all sorts of things and that includes the contact info I got along the way.
   I am almost done and when I get to the cleaning of the floors, I will be ready to go again. I have almost all the food out so once that is done I will only have to stock what I want to take (food and clothing). My GPS unit is going to be replaced with a new one (compliments of Roadtrek) since it isn't functioning and with the van taken care of I will have to face the house which is in such disarray I am overwhelmed.
   Next week the zoo starts having Boo at the Zoo and I'll be volunteering for that and can only hope our great weather continues.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I am home and realizing how much easier it is to be living in my Roadtrek!
flowers at Golden Isles RV campground

   From my last note at Callaway Gardens, I went to Alabama for a couple of days before heading east to Brunswick, Ga. I was there for a couple of days and it rained 1/2 the time which is why I made sure it was a campground with cable TV. The last evening there, I met a great couple from Ft. Myers who added to my alcohol consumption for that day and I never even got their full names!
             It was a very fun evening and they, too, were heading to Ft. Clinch the next day but were going to camp in the Beach campground where as I was going to be in the River campground. They said they would come and find me. Well, on my birthday evening, they really did! They brought me wine, a card, and a lovely Journal book. I now have their first names but still not able to contact them. I can only hope we meet 'on the road' again.
Ft Clinch
   The other wonderful part of my birthday weekend at Ft. Clinch with my Roadtrek friends was the arrival of my friends (met in Wisconsin) from Hawaii who spent the whole weekend with us  (they are Roadtrek owners) and for me this was the 'icing' on my cake!
   Now I must put things away, clean and take care of 'home' stuff and it is certainly not as much fun as I have had over the last five months.