Thursday, November 13, 2008

almost Thanksgiving 2008

My downstairs room is finally finished and looks very bare with no furniture except the lone single bed. Everything else from down there went out in the trash when it was so badly destroyed by flood waters. I have not figured out what I want to use that room for so it will stay 'as is' for the time being. I love my new windows and door and without another '100 year' flood, we should stay dry for a long time.
I am enjoying my job at the zoo which is certainly easier than nursing! It doesn't pay a lot of money but is quite different and talking to the guests and kids is really fun.
I am looking forward to Diana's visit and our trip to St. Augustine to attend the wedding of Sue's youngest (Becky). With the reception being held in the winery, it should be wonderful.
The ceremony is in an old church so it will have a great romantic 'feel' to it all.