Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big House

It is very strange being in this big house after so many months of living in my RT. I have finally gotten the inside of the 'little house' together (removed many items which will not go back in) and now have to give it's outside a bath.
   This 'stix and brix' house is a daunting cleaning job. I am doing little at a time and eventually things will be better. Life 'on the road' is so much simpler. Did all the preventative and other maintenance to my 'gypsy' so we'll be ready to go soon again.
                         The Beachside campground at Ft. Clinch is a nice ending for this trip.

Friday, October 10, 2014

east coast again

I am back in Eastern Time Zone and my body is adjusting after the fantastic trip.
   Santa Fe and Albuquerque were great with good friends and fun adventures.
 Governor's Palace where all the wares are out.
 The church by the plaza
 Great chili
Everything is 'art'
       Albuquerque balloon festival was a wonder and, yes, I 'dry' camped for four nights.
Mass Ascension
Part of mural in the Balloon Museum