Saturday, July 27, 2013


  The weather just can't make up its mind. One day sun/hot, and next it is rainy/cool. Today we have sun and cool but it is probably going to rain on us more.
    I feel bad for our tent campers who have been here during some hard rain/wind situations. I discovered a 'leak' around my fantastic fan frame but it seems to be only when the wind blows very hard and perhaps I haven't had the vent cover down completely. I am considering one of the vent covers that would allow me to leave it open but protected from weather. In the meantime, I have tightened the frame and will be more alert to keeping the vent fully closed.
    It was nice to sleep 'in' today with no work schedule and when I was invited to go for popovers, I did not hesitate. Had more lobster this past week
always good!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After Fourth of July

   The weather has been up and down so I have spent more time indoors than I am happy about. Granted we have not had the storms or over 100 degree temperatures that others around the country have and still are enduring but for this part of the country (Bass Harbor, Maine) it has been more dreary and cool than sunny and warm. The campground has more RVs than last week when we were full with tents over the Holiday week. Our cabins have been pretty much filled too since tents are not great in the rain.
      I have only had lobster once but that will change soon. They should have their softer shells now and be more abundant.
     My work schedule has varied each week but basically I am doing the 24 hours required (usually more) and I do enjoy it. The days I work until 6 or 7P.M, I find myself really tired since I am just not used to working this old brain/body at a job but I sleep good!
    Petey is staying healthy and seems to enjoy being in one place rather than driving around. I have not unhooked and driven anywhere in about 2.5 weeks so he is really happy.
      My new GPS (Rand McNally 7720) arrived yesterday so my new toy is making me happy and I have put in addresses that I want to keep. It is fun to put in the campgrounds I return to just by finding them in the RV directory that is built into this unit.
I have walked to the lighthouse but with the weather being 'fickle', I haven't walked too many other places.