Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunset Isles, Cedar key

morning sun
Site this year is between tree and cement pad (picnic table) and except for early morning, the shade keeps us cool and Petey stays happy. The water is a view from my windows on the right side and being in the middle of the campground was perfect for Thanksgiving food (served closest to us).
daily sunset
late sun
six solos
   When everyone was here, the Roadtrek lineup was visible from this site too even with other rigs filling the rest of the sites.
      We were all together until Saturday when five of the ladies headed home, but Jackie and I are staying until Tuesday. We have already made our reservations for next year with the hopes that the weather will be just as it is this year which is perfect!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Petey says....

Petey says it is time to get 'going' again and is happy that Thanksgiving will be in a camp with other folks eating turkey and having a lovely time. We'll have a better site this year 'in the middle' of the action and watching the critters will be easier than last year when only the rear windows were there to look out of since we were 'squeezed' in between 'walls' and needed our sunscreen for the front windows.
   So we are putting things in our RT and hoping no rain gets in our face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mid November

The RT rally in Kissimmee was the best T & C I've attended (and I do that one twice a year). We not only got education in all things electronic, but had great social times.
some of the attendees
   We had close to 50 people with 15 solos (3 guys) and it was fun to meet people from out of state as well as seeing the 'old' friends who are part of our Region 5 group.
     I will be heading to Thanksgiving with a bunch of trekkers and the campground cooks the turkeys while we just have to bring a side dish and enjoy.
pretty comfy here

Saturday, November 05, 2011


I am finally packing the RT to take a short journey. I already know I have too much clothing but if I have the room, I'm taking my choices. I am doing better with all the other 'stuff' but will always have more clothes and I am just accepting that as a 'fact of life' since I want options even if it is just for a few days. Whatever I do not wear for this rally, I can leave in there for Thanksgiving since I think the weather will be about the same highs and lows in temperatures and I always have 'wet' gear too.
     My 'house sitters' will be caring for my home things as always so I do not have to be concerned. I will write and maybe post some photos after this short trip.