Sunday, June 21, 2009

Unemployed again

The job is over. I gave it 6 1/2 weeks and realized that this 'ideal' job is not the one for me. Not only did I not like the full time situation (lost my 'freedom') but there were several other things about the job tasks themselves that I just could not abide by any longer.
I learned alot about many things including myself and since I am no longer a zoo employee either (although I can volunteer), I am now a 'really' retired person.
I have thought about taking a trip, but with temperatures outside being so hot, I am not in any hurray to go anywhere. It was hard enough just going to the store today. The thermostat in my van that shows outside temps said 96-98 and that is 'stay at home in the A/C' weather.
I have things to do in the house so my time is being used and I am enjoying my minutes.