Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Since last writing, I have had the opportunity to visit the top of Cadillac Mountain and have popovers at Jordan Pond House.

These are views overlooking Bar Harbor from the top of the mountain.
I keep forgetting to take photos of the food (lobsters, popovers) but Jordan Pond is a lovely place and the popovers are wonderful.

Next time we do lobster, I will remember to take photos so you can be 'jealous'!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whales and parades

Bass Harbor Campground Float
Last Saturday was a really fun day with a parade and then whale watching. Our campground had a float in the Flamingo Parade in Southwest Harbor and I rode on it tossing beads to the crowd. The history of this parade goes back to a 'get back at Martha Stewart" thing (she has a home here) I was told..it was a fun thing for me, for sure.
     The parade 'theme' this year was pirates but Flamingoes are everywhere in town and on the floats.
Robin, Paul
A pirate flamingo

The whales were harder to get photos of since they do not stay 'up' very long and there were lots of people on the boat.

a 'fin' whale

Friday, July 06, 2012

  On my way to the Lighthouse, I found all sorts of flowers so this collage is an assortment. It inclues some Foxglove found right here on the campground property.

The path to the east side of the lighthouse is down and some has stairs while some are just rocky. One can no longer go inside the lighthouse (except an occasional 'special' day) but the views from around it are beautiful since you can see the water, surrounding islands and the buoys bobbing around. To get there is only a ten minute walk so I certainly got exercise that day.
        And see what else I found on my way.