Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seems like forever since I last wrote anything and, I guess, three months is a long time.
I flew to Chicago a couple of weeks ago for my convention of O.R. nurses and surprisingly, there were four of our 'group' there this year. The weather was superb considering we thought it might snow/rain and instead we had sunshine and tolerable temperatures.
That week goes by very quickly between educational sessions and seeing old friends. It really wears me out and when I got home I had my four days of work (at the zoo) to contend with after finding my 'main' computer monitor not working.
When the first day 'off' came, I decided to activate my new cell phone and that turned into a difficult task when I could not download my contacts into it and had to go to the Verizon store not just one day (after 'on the phone' for an hour) but a second day as well. I did, however, take the time to run some errands while I was in that neighborhood including a nice pedicure (been at least 9 months since one of those treats).
Back to work on Friday after 'cleaning' some of the house on Thursday, and am back in the 'work' pattern again. I keep thinking I should get back into nursing and leave this very low paying zoo job, but this one tires me out so how could I really survive a nursing position. I would be willing to try, however, and have resumes out to some folks.
So, that catches me up for now except for mentioning the 'road trip' to Kennesaw at the end of February for a few days. It is nice to have a friend just far enough away that when I visit it seems like a real 'road trip' and helps my wanderlust alot!