Tuesday, April 30, 2013

House stuff

  Sooner than I wanted, my house ac unit needed replacing and after about 9 hours of work, it was finally installed and working well. The guys also found out why my service guys have been getting shocked and that should no longer happen (they will be happy).
  Petey spent the day in the closet (did use the litter box and drink water) until those men were gone.

    So there is not too much left to do before our RT adventure for the summer starts and we are more than ready to 'hit the road'.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post T&C rally

Our April T & C rally was a great success again. This year we were blessed with the presence of the Geeks on Tour couple (the Gulds) so we got lots of information concerning our computers, smart phones and tablets.

And a surprise visit from the Griffins was wonderful. They joined in the Happy Hour and dinner festivities and then spent a day doing the Magic Kingdom while we continued to enjoy our Geeks.