Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Now that Petey wrote.....

  I guess now that Petey has written on his blog that I should write too.
   We were home only about three weeks before going to Kissimmee for my first (as President) Chapter Rally. I am pleased with how it seemed to go and since many have told me they thought I did a good job, I feel like I am off on the right foot in this job.
Ramona and rst
I didn't have time to take my own photos so this one was taken by another and sent so I would remember some of it.
We are now about to leave for a (non rally) couple of weeks in Florida to enjoy RT friends without 'meetings' to worry about so I will have time to take my own photographs.
For those who are interested, I actually am going to be able to work-kamp for a short while this summer and will be returning to Bass Harbor, Maine. It will be a 'break' between rallies and RTI get-togethers although I am hoping some RTs will come and visit with me there (mid June-July).