Wednesday, September 28, 2011

End of September

     Well, it is just about the end of September and still way too hot in Florida! I did get into the RT this morning to do more re-arranging and taking things out and discovered the Turbo Cell charger that I've been looking for about a year now. Of course I do not have the correct adapter for my cell phone but I think I can get one without a problem. It is a neat gadget that uses a AA battery in order to charge your cell phone when you do not have AC or computer power. Seems like carrying it in my purse would be handy since the 'smart' phone needs charging more than the old ones.
    This weekend I'll be celebrating another birthday and will have a Champagne Brunch and massage so it should be a lovely day and even the weatherman says it will be less humid and more comfortable.
    Since getting home, Petey is usually not far from me and when I leave him for a few hours, I get 'yelled at' when I return.

look at me mom

my new seat


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back in the 'big' house

It is very strange being back in my 'big' house again after living in my one room 'wheeled' apartment. Petey has decided he is happy here and loves lying on the tile where it is cool.
I have almost finished getting the RT back in shape and then I will only have to add clothing and groceries in order to leave again.
                                                              I am continuing to live with my new pennant's thoughts each day.
   I look forward to hanging it outside the rig.