Thursday, August 31, 2006

sunshine in Portland

My weekend was rainy but on Saturday I got to Deptford, New Jersey without a problem. The cats, of course, love the Towneplace Suites with it's kitchen cabinets to play with and room to 'hang out'. I spent part of the time with my niece (in law), her parents, great nieces and nephew and it is always great to see them.
On Monday, I headed to New London Connecticut. It was cloudy but didn't rain until I got there. It was a smaller room but worked OK for the two nights we were there. I did get to visit the Mystic Seaport on Tuesday morning because the rain held off until about 11:30am.
Yesterday (Wed.), we headed north and because I got off the interstate for a bit, it took longer to get here (Portland, Maine) but -NO RAIN!
It is not supposed to rain until Saturday so I will try to get the outdoor sightseeing mostly done today and tomorrow. I am heading to the waterfront and intend to finally get my seafood, outside on the water.

Friday, August 25, 2006


I arrived in Chesapeake ,Virginia and even without printed directions (I did stop once to ask but I was only around the corner from the hotel at that point) I managed to find this Towneplace Suites. The cats are loving the fact that they can get under the bed and I will not be so happy about that tomorrow morning when I have get them into carriers -there is not enough space under the bed for me to even crawl so it will be a challenge.
My plan for today is to head over to the beach area where there is an Aquarium and I can get some fresh seafood for lunch. It is supposed to be a very hot day so I'm thinking the Aquarium might be a good place to stay cool.
Tomorrow we'll head up to New Jersey where I will get to see my grand nieces/nephew and niece in law.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 3

I have arrived in stormy Wilmington, NC after a lovely couple of days in Charleston, SC. On Monday, Sue came and spent the day (slept over) sightseeing with me. We did a carriage ride and some walking but the heat was really bad and we needed to go back to the hotel to rest before we could go out for dinner back in the historic area of Charleston. We certainly can't complain about our eating for the day what with lunch in an Irish Pub and dinner at a place that gave us so much food I didn't eat it all and there was no thinking of dessert.
I am lucky that I had some rotisserie chicken and cole slaw left over (from my dinner Sunday nite) so that I could eat tonight because the rain is so bad that the streets flooded and I was not about to get back in the van. My alternative would have been the Outback Steakhouse that is right across this parking lot. I am hoping that it will be clear enough tomorrow for me to do some sightseeing in Wilmington that also has a great historic area downtown and I'm not that far away. Apparently they have a free shuttle that you can use to go around the area once you have parked your vehicle and I will do that unless the weather is really good and I can do a tour (carriage or trolley).
My cats are doing very well and I'm attributing that to them being older. They had a really good time in Charleston where we had a separate bedroom and full kitchen so there were lots of cabinets that they could 'bang' doors and get into and they chose to do alot of it during the night! In order to leave today, I retrieved a few of them from inside cabinets and drawers but they are doing well while in the cage in the van.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

2006 trip start

I am finally about to leave on my 2006 road trip. I have packed most everything (much easier to pack for the cats than me) and today will put it all in the van. The sky is cloudy so it is a slight bit cooler and that's a good thing.
My first stop is Charleston, S.C. (tomorrow) and Sue will join me on Monday morning for sightseeing. Tuesday I'll be heading for Wilmington, N.C.
The laptop is ready for the journey so there will be entries along the way.