Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunset Isles, Cedar key

morning sun
Site this year is between tree and cement pad (picnic table) and except for early morning, the shade keeps us cool and Petey stays happy. The water is a view from my windows on the right side and being in the middle of the campground was perfect for Thanksgiving food (served closest to us).
daily sunset
late sun
six solos
   When everyone was here, the Roadtrek lineup was visible from this site too even with other rigs filling the rest of the sites.
      We were all together until Saturday when five of the ladies headed home, but Jackie and I are staying until Tuesday. We have already made our reservations for next year with the hopes that the weather will be just as it is this year which is perfect!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Petey says....

Petey says it is time to get 'going' again and is happy that Thanksgiving will be in a camp with other folks eating turkey and having a lovely time. We'll have a better site this year 'in the middle' of the action and watching the critters will be easier than last year when only the rear windows were there to look out of since we were 'squeezed' in between 'walls' and needed our sunscreen for the front windows.
   So we are putting things in our RT and hoping no rain gets in our face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mid November

The RT rally in Kissimmee was the best T & C I've attended (and I do that one twice a year). We not only got education in all things electronic, but had great social times.
some of the attendees
   We had close to 50 people with 15 solos (3 guys) and it was fun to meet people from out of state as well as seeing the 'old' friends who are part of our Region 5 group.
     I will be heading to Thanksgiving with a bunch of trekkers and the campground cooks the turkeys while we just have to bring a side dish and enjoy.
pretty comfy here

Saturday, November 05, 2011


I am finally packing the RT to take a short journey. I already know I have too much clothing but if I have the room, I'm taking my choices. I am doing better with all the other 'stuff' but will always have more clothes and I am just accepting that as a 'fact of life' since I want options even if it is just for a few days. Whatever I do not wear for this rally, I can leave in there for Thanksgiving since I think the weather will be about the same highs and lows in temperatures and I always have 'wet' gear too.
     My 'house sitters' will be caring for my home things as always so I do not have to be concerned. I will write and maybe post some photos after this short trip.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Past the middle of October

We have now 'waterproofed' the front of the house but I will not know if it really will keep water out until our next 'big' rain which probably won't happen for a while and I just do not want it to be when I am not at home. My house caretakers do a good job but I do not want 'removing water' to be a task to be added to the list.
    The weather has finally become 'autumn' and it is gorgeous. Quite a delight to be outside wearing sweatshirt. I did two days of garage sale and in the shade, I was actually cold!
   Petey loves the cooler weather and has been romping all over the house from one end to the other. He even slept on the bed with me some when the nights are under 65 degrees.
   I am still doing Boo at the Zoo volunteering which is fun but exhausting to my feet and back. I am looking forward to my next rally in November and just need to put in clothing and groceries for us to get there.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

home in rain, rain, rain....

 Well, here we sit home in the rain and it hasn't stopped (short breaks) for two days. It is predicted to rain until about Tuesday and that does not make me happy since I already have about 1/2 inch of water in my downstairs room. It seems to 'seep' in at the bottom of baseboards even though when I had the room renovated we coated everything with stuff to prevent this kind of thing. I will be using a wet vac to get it up but it is frustrating to see it now (do not have the vac yet). I do not have anything down there that can get 'hurt' by a little water on the floor but it is not nice anyway.
    I am not letting Petey on the deck since most of it is wet and when the wind blows from the east, I get 'mist' in my bedroom if the sliding door is open.
       How I managed to get to the theater last night (my usher thing) without 'drowning' is a mystery. I took my shoes and socks in a bag and walked (wearing a longish raincoat with umbrella even in the wind) from vehicle to building barefoot! Bottom of pants did dry (about an hour for that) but mostly, it was OK. I am glad I live only 'around the corner' from the theater so I didn't have to be driving in the 'driving wind and rain' much and I even managed to get back into my driveway safely.
     We are still in better shape than many who have much flooding going on in different parts of this city and others in Florida.
    Next note, I hope, when the sun is shining again!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

End of September

     Well, it is just about the end of September and still way too hot in Florida! I did get into the RT this morning to do more re-arranging and taking things out and discovered the Turbo Cell charger that I've been looking for about a year now. Of course I do not have the correct adapter for my cell phone but I think I can get one without a problem. It is a neat gadget that uses a AA battery in order to charge your cell phone when you do not have AC or computer power. Seems like carrying it in my purse would be handy since the 'smart' phone needs charging more than the old ones.
    This weekend I'll be celebrating another birthday and will have a Champagne Brunch and massage so it should be a lovely day and even the weatherman says it will be less humid and more comfortable.
    Since getting home, Petey is usually not far from me and when I leave him for a few hours, I get 'yelled at' when I return.

look at me mom

my new seat


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back in the 'big' house

It is very strange being back in my 'big' house again after living in my one room 'wheeled' apartment. Petey has decided he is happy here and loves lying on the tile where it is cool.
I have almost finished getting the RT back in shape and then I will only have to add clothing and groceries in order to leave again.
                                                              I am continuing to live with my new pennant's thoughts each day.
   I look forward to hanging it outside the rig.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the 'hot'

I am not thrilled to be back where I need a/c all the time even during the night to be able to sleep but once I got south of Virginia, it all returned to our lives.
   Once I realized that I was really heading home, I got antsy and decided to just 'get there' although I am making one more stop along the way, it should be this weekend when I get to my 'big' house again.
    Before getting to Florida, I stayed in North Carolina and Ohio after Pipestem State Park in West Virginia.  

campsite in North Carolina

By the time I reached Pipestem, I knew I was just not going to spend time taking too many photos of campgrounds. I did, however, find some beautiful flowers.
 huge Hibiscus at a campground.

So, I will spend my next few days 'resting', walking, reading, swimming and flea/farmer's market shopping before going home to get re-adjusted.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rally and beyond

The RT rally in Elkhorn turned out to be a genuine winner! It was well organized with more food and activities than originally anticipated and it was enjoyed by all attending. We had 23 solos there (3 guys with all the women) and most of us 'hung' out together much of the time.
15 solos

Region 6 photographers

Happy Hour with solos
parked under the trees

The campground at the fairgrounds was lovely and most of us were in the shade under lovely trees.
Our 'voyage' on Lake Geneva and then the next day the 'dinner' (luncheon) theater were terrific and we got some time to browse the stores too.

Some of the mansions on the lake front are unbelievable.

 Browsing and buying in Lake Geneva.

From Elkhorn, Petey and I headed to Joliet, Illinois where we stayed in a casino campground for a couple of nights. It was exciting when the power went out (bad storm) and it was not just the campground power but the power company that had the problem. For a few hours, my generator got exercised since it was hot enough to need the a/c but the rain was enough to keep me in and I never did get to the casino.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Bark's River, WI

   Since tomorrow starts the Roadtrek Chapter rally, I thought I'd better get a note done today and put a few photos of my stay here in Bark's River Campground.
   We arrived on Thursday and I am tucked into a nice site with some shade. With lower temps, I have only needed the a/c a little in the afternoons to keep Petey from over heating.
We have been sleeping with windows open and no a/c and me needing the comforter!
There are some beautiful 'weeping' trees here on this 120 acre property. This is actually on the Bark River at this point.
Having nice neighbors all weekend resulted in no boredom time and, again, I think I will be returning to the state of Wisconsin in the future.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

grass but no goats on the roof
When I left Bailey's Harbor, I drove up the peninsula after having Swedish pancakes in Al Johnson's where they have sod on the roofs and put goats up there (Sisters Bay, WI). I enjoyed the little towns on the west side of the peninsula (Sisters Bay, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor) and decided to just keep going south to a city park I had been told about. I had my hook ups and shower for a night and then headed to Two Rivers which is on Lake Michigan and this campground is part of a marina so there are boats very busy all the time.
    One of my neighbors gave me Rainbow trout and salmon (fresh fish is always good) both fresh and smoked. I have had to re-arrange my refrigerator and freezer in order to get it all inside and I am eating it too. My neighbors on the other side of me have driven me to town (it is walkable but they were going) and then to Walmart too. I will miss them when they leave tomorrow.
    I am planning on staying here until Thursday.

harbor entrance to two rivers

beach on Lake Michigan (at campground)

town center


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxin' in Wisconsin

I am on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan (last year did the Michigan side) and am enjoying the time in Bailey's Harbor. Before getting here, we spent a few days near Minocqua and in that campground I ran into a Roadtrek couple who I had already met before! I will see them again at the rally in Elkhorn in a couple of weeks.

Patricia Lake (Minocqua, WI)

Lake Michigan (Bailey's Harbor)

site in Bailey's Harbor (Beantown Campground)

view of the Lake
                                      And the flowers are gorgeous!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Minnesota stuff

Although I had some rain in Pipestone, I still got to the National Monument across the street and had some 'hot' sunshine, in the pool days too.
     From there I did a night in Thief River Falls (a small, very northern town).
bottom of a quarry--red is pipestone

many were flooded from so much rain

Monument entrance sign

Pipestone fort (replica)

sculpture in town

From Thief River Falls, I went to "Pete's Retreat" near Aitkin, MN and spent four days there with much of it in the pool to keep cool.
So today I am in the Buffalo Valley Campground, but it is raining and only 55 degrees outside. I am not complaining after all the over 90 temps we have had but it is strange to need my heat rather than a/c to keep comfortable. Will head to Wisconsin tomorrow (Sunday) and Lake Superior.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the rain in Pipestone, MN

  Today in Pipestone, it is raining and really poured (thunder and lightening during the night) but having a 'rest' today won't hurt.
I left Cheyenne and headed to South Dakota (slept overnight in Nebraska) and to my ‘fun’ campground in Custer. I drove through the Custer State park and the scenery and wildlife are wonderful. When I got to the campground I was remembered (stayed there last year) and I wound up staying three nights instead of the two I had planned. They tried to get me to stay longer (were going to lower the rent) but I needed to move on and headed towards Sturgis. I stayed in a lovely, quiet campground for a couple of nights (I did drive through Sturgis and some of the mountain canyons), and then headed to Badlands National park where I drove through (and back) but didn’t stay there as originally intended. I drove on to a small town for the night and then came all the way to Pipestone, Minnesota. I had lunch in Sioux Falls before leaving South Dakota and will stay here for a few days. Hope to walk across to the Pipestone National Monument and into town (if the rains slows or stops!).
buffalo..real...Custer SP

herd in Custer SP

mule in Custer SP (thru window)

cathedral spires..Custer SP

on the Needles Loop..Custer SP


Badlands 'old' dunes

horse at Rush No More

Rush No More Camp

buffalo sculpture in Custer

clouds over Custer