Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Short trip to Georgia

I have returned from my short trip to Georgia (traveling with two cats certainly is easier than traveling with five!) and it was fun. I discovered the Augusta Canal -who knew there was a canal there established for the purpose of creating electricity to run mills so that Augusta would not become a ghost town and that the canal almost became a golf course in the 1990's but the people 'saved' it and it is a lovely 'green area' that is still able to allow two mills to produce fabric.
Then I toured the campus in Athens, Georgia - if only I were a young woman off to college, this would be a lovely place to study.
I then headed to Kennesaw to be with my friends and attend a 'wine themed' wedding shower. The wedding (in November) reception will be held in a winery in St. Augustine so doing a wine tasting for the shower was quite appropriate and since I wasn't driving, it was even better.