Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New thoughts

I am now thinking I might drive north this summer instead of west. If the weather doesn't get better up north soon, I might not go anywhere. Even the midwest is having strange weather patterns. It is really too soon to make any committment but I have gotten all the new AAA books and new maps. I'm thinking I might just go stay in one place for a few weeks (doing day trips) and then move to another for a few more weeks. With gas prices so high compared to last year, it might be wiser to do it in a better way this time. I'm also waiting to see how my cats health holds up since as they get older, I'm not sure I can do the travel with them as easily.
In the meantime, I enjoyed my weekend in the L.A. area when I went to my nephew's wedding. It was good to be with some family again and I had fun.
I am off to South Carolina to visit with my friend Sue (Karen and Lynne are coming too) and that will be fun too.