Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wolcott, NY

I am in a nice campground which was quiet until yesterday afternoon when all the weekend folks arrived. There seem to be distinct groups of people who are camping together and then there are the 'seasonals' but all seem friendly.

  Today I think I will take photos of all the animals (mostly dogs) that are here since there is quite a variety.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pennsylvania to New York state

Another week has elapsed and I have spent time in Pennsylvania and now in New York.
creek in PA

   In Pennsylvania I stayed in a campground I expected to be really nice since it is part of the Morgan Resort group but I was disappointed. They are geared towards the 'seasonal' campers and overnight/weekend camping has some things missing (like really nice bathrooms/showers) to make the short stay enjoyable. They do have lots of weekend activities and terrific pools (outdoor and indoor) but being there in the rain and during the week (everyone went home) was not so great for me. I did get to play with my camera and learned how to do more 'close up' shots.

     Now in a campground that I stayed at (two years ago) while sick after my job at the kid's camp, I have been able to see how big this place is and with the new owners it is headed to even greater heights.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heading north

West Virginia

   Sitting in the Canaan Valley State Park campground in West Virginia where I have no TV or internet access. My cell phone (and consequently the MiFi) has a spotty signal and I have been able to get the temperature and send an email. I am enjoying the beauty of the forest and meadow here and watching the critters (chipmunk, birds, etc.) with Petey. It was cold (39 at 8am which made it much colder during the night) but our heater works and we stayed cozy.   This photo should explain why I had no 'connections'.
Now I am back in 'civilization' in Pennsylvania and today is cloudy and drizzly so when I get some photos of this place with a creek running along side, I will post them. Today will be a television and computer and book day mostly indoors although this morning they did a pancake breakfast (Mother's Day) which was excellent and I got out for that treat.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

welcome Dunedin and dentist

Manta at the pier

Am finally on the road from the Dunedin rally where we got to see both Dunedin and Tarpon Springs (and a dentist). It is such great fun 'hanging' out with the RT folks especially my 'solo' friends. We ate well (after the tooth was stabilized), shopped and talked alot while doing our wine.
   I am now planning my next location while parked in Three Rivers State Park, (Sneads) at the top of Florida so I will head into Alabama next.
site at Three Rivers