Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bainbridge, Georgia

Here we are at our first stop of the long road trip. It was not a difficult drive at all . I was going up I-95 but when I got around Daytona it started pouring, so I cut off on FL 40 and headed west to Ocala where I picked up I-75 to I-10 and then from Tallahassee north to here. This town is about 20 miles north of the Florida state border.
The room is nice and the bed has those wood sides on the bottom which will make the loading (pet) easier since they can't get under the bed. Goldie is the hardest and since this is a king bed, I am glad I won't have to struggle as much in the morning.
I am pretty sure that I am ahead of Hurricane Katrina and even if I get some rain in the next couple of days, it won't be a hurricane for me.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Home from Santa Fe

I got home from Santa Fe on Tuesday night and it really was a smooth trip even though flying out of Houston is not great since it takes a minimum of 30 minutes from the gate to take-off.
Anyway, the time spent out there was fun and it really is pretty and dry (weather wise).
My new fireplace will not be installed until October. They couldn't get here today but were going to come tomorrow so that it could get done before I leave for my 'road trip'. With a storm (about to be Hurricane) Katrina heading into Florida and predictions of heavy rain and some wind here too, the fireplace installation is now scheduled for October. I could just envision the mud and dirt if they could even try tomorrow but I was told they probably wouldn't be able to do it in that type of weather anyway. So I will leave town for my next trip and do it when I get back.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Santa Fe

Here I am in Santa Fe enjoying my visit with my friend Diana. We walked over every inch of the Indian Market yesterday -a very huge art show of Native American goodies and my poor body knew it last night. I slept very well.
Prices are a little too high for my pocketbook, but some of the work was magnificent.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Santa Fe

Well I'm off to Santa Fe this afternoon but this time it will be in an airplane without the animals. I am going to spend a few days with my friend, Diana, at her 'new' house where she hasn't spent much time due to her job that kept her more in California and didn't give her much time to empty boxes and put the house together. She hasn't had a chance to explore in the town and so we are looking forward to fun exploration of Santa Fe and I'm anticipating the beauty of the scenery. She tells me that she is happy there and that makes me happy!
My beautiful Silver Fluff (mostly Maine Coon) developed an infection over the past weekend and although she responded to antibiotics, I did take her to see the vet who pulled a few teeth yesterday (not even the cause of the problem) that were rotten. She is eating again after a couple of days of not being interested, so that's a good thing and will get her antibiotic until I get home. With very few teeth in her mouth, it is not difficult to give her a pill and Donna (my great friend/neighbor) will take good care of her.
When I get back from Santa Fe, I will be getting a new (replacement) fireplace and then I can get ready to get 'on the road' again. My plan for the trip is almost finalized- I had to leave a few things off to balance out the cost of the this fireplace thing- and the weather in the direction I'm going is already cooler so I will have to pack the right clothing for all kinds of weather.
Until next time--from another location--