Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxin' in Wisconsin

I am on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan (last year did the Michigan side) and am enjoying the time in Bailey's Harbor. Before getting here, we spent a few days near Minocqua and in that campground I ran into a Roadtrek couple who I had already met before! I will see them again at the rally in Elkhorn in a couple of weeks.

Patricia Lake (Minocqua, WI)

Lake Michigan (Bailey's Harbor)

site in Bailey's Harbor (Beantown Campground)

view of the Lake
                                      And the flowers are gorgeous!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Minnesota stuff

Although I had some rain in Pipestone, I still got to the National Monument across the street and had some 'hot' sunshine, in the pool days too.
     From there I did a night in Thief River Falls (a small, very northern town).
bottom of a quarry--red is pipestone

many were flooded from so much rain

Monument entrance sign

Pipestone fort (replica)

sculpture in town

From Thief River Falls, I went to "Pete's Retreat" near Aitkin, MN and spent four days there with much of it in the pool to keep cool.
So today I am in the Buffalo Valley Campground, but it is raining and only 55 degrees outside. I am not complaining after all the over 90 temps we have had but it is strange to need my heat rather than a/c to keep comfortable. Will head to Wisconsin tomorrow (Sunday) and Lake Superior.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the rain in Pipestone, MN

  Today in Pipestone, it is raining and really poured (thunder and lightening during the night) but having a 'rest' today won't hurt.
I left Cheyenne and headed to South Dakota (slept overnight in Nebraska) and to my ‘fun’ campground in Custer. I drove through the Custer State park and the scenery and wildlife are wonderful. When I got to the campground I was remembered (stayed there last year) and I wound up staying three nights instead of the two I had planned. They tried to get me to stay longer (were going to lower the rent) but I needed to move on and headed towards Sturgis. I stayed in a lovely, quiet campground for a couple of nights (I did drive through Sturgis and some of the mountain canyons), and then headed to Badlands National park where I drove through (and back) but didn’t stay there as originally intended. I drove on to a small town for the night and then came all the way to Pipestone, Minnesota. I had lunch in Sioux Falls before leaving South Dakota and will stay here for a few days. Hope to walk across to the Pipestone National Monument and into town (if the rains slows or stops!).
buffalo..real...Custer SP

herd in Custer SP

mule in Custer SP (thru window)

cathedral spires..Custer SP

on the Needles Loop..Custer SP


Badlands 'old' dunes

horse at Rush No More

Rush No More Camp

buffalo sculpture in Custer

clouds over Custer

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


montana mts

in campground

Scoria rock

Occidental Hotel (Buffalo) lobby

even the creek is 'raging'

Boot sculpture

me and a Boot

old in Cheyenne
   I have done campgrounds in Livingston (Montana), Buffalo and Cheyenne, Wyoming and now it will be time to head north again.
    Some of the driving is quite 'blah' but some is really very pretty. It is obvious that all the rivers, creeks, lakes and streams are overflowing with water from the snow melt run-off that is happening (and causing floods in many areas).