Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post Tomoka rally

I had a wonderful, fun time at the RT rally in Tomoka State Park and even got to see a lone dolphin out in the inlet. Despite falling from my bicycle on the first day I got on it, I did get to do a short ride with some of the solos who attended and saw more of the park than just where we parked.
had a cemented site

Happy Hour is always fun

We always have tons of food for dinners and this rally was no exception to this rule.

a few solos on the beach

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

McClean Music Festival

We are home from the Festival and it was so much fun that we are going next year again!

We were seven 'solo' trekkers and since the two 'northerners' will be here next year, it is the same group who will attend.
   Perhaps we can entice others to join us at this wonderful event where we had great music (Florida Folk music) , good food (vendors) and booths to buy trinkets (at reasonable prices).

Sunday, March 04, 2012


I am 'chomping' at the bit to get back on the road and with a short trip planned in a few days, I may survive a little longer. I am looking forward to the McClean Music Festival (March9-12) and then Tomoka State park (March 20). In April it will be our T & C rally in Kissimmee and then in May, after a rally in Dunedin, I will be heading to my work kamping jobs.
    I am fortunate to have good folks to stay and watch my house while I do these longer trips so I do not have to be concerned about it.
   So, until next safely.