Wednesday, December 25, 2013

California arrival

We finally arrived in California and now have to deal with the time changes again. Our animals are still on eastern time so we seem to be getting up earlier and earlier each day (according to the clock).
    We have managed to stay sane with all the long desert driving and eating a good breakfast (out) each morning has sustained us well. It started with the Derailed Diner in Alabama.

Ending each day with Happy Hour has helped us as well.
 Mostly the drive has been desert with a few distant mountains for scenery.
Soon, the Rose Bowl Parade!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

   I kept looking and when I finally got out the old camera and had to find some batteries for it (uses AA batteries), lo and behold the battery charger and other items I had been searching for were in the same location in their own secure little box! So, I am back in business with my little camera and happy. I am not waking up wondering where I didn't look and so have slept better now.
The three of us are back next to each other for the duration of our stay and we are happy.
A couple drove in with an older RT and we have spent time talking to them about their travels and plans. We have shared ideas about interior modifications which have made out lives easier and that is always a benefit when RTs are together.
Life is good.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Before the camera died

This is called Sunset Isle for a reason and I did get some photos before my camera died (lost the battery charger)

Staying here never disappoints.