Thursday, August 26, 2010

Illinois now

It is getting hard to remember what I have written and what I have never gotten around to since the days 'on the road' blend together. I have done many 'one nights' and that does not make it any easier to remember the day I did which activity. I did get to Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright's house) in Wisconsin and also got to meet a couple of other Roadtrek folks who live in Hawaii but travel in the summer here.
    I, also, now have a semi-messed up computer which may not get totally fixed until I get home (October) so I will work with what I have and hope I do not miss anything (especially bills to be paid). 
   I am in a campground for two nights (need to rest sometimes) and will head out tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Wyoming

I have been driving daily but with some sights along the way such as Yellowstone National Park and their Grand Canyon.
    The beauty is hard to capture in a photo from my small camera but you must believe me that this is a great place to see.
   I went on from there to Cody where I spent a night and then on to Sundance where I went to see the Devils Tower National Monument  (picture above) and the Vore Buffalo Jump (a large sinkhole where the Plains indians rounded up buffalo so they would fall to their deaths and provide food).
Here's one guy all by himself, resting.
       ---Today I am in Custer, South Dakota and will probably stay here a few days. Daily driving gets very tiring and in this campground, they do a barbeque on Friday night. The host here already plied me with wine on my arrival and I am one block from town so I can do some walking.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oregon to Idaho

Hard to believe that I was not going to be traveling this summer and look how far I've gone! From Washington down to the Oregon coast.
   Then I headed inland to the big rally (Family Motor Coach Association/Roadtrek International) in Redmond. It was quite a surprise to discover that I would be 'boon docking' (no electric/water hook up) for the first time but doing it with about 70 other trek folks meant I had good support to learn this new type of camping.
     There were 2000 motorhomes at this rally with the 70 of us little ones. We were parked in an area up on a small hill overlooking the Expo/Fairgrounds but it was a hike to a real bathroom/shower. In fact, the shower was (as my next door neighbor called it) a 'gang' shower. There was no privacy whatever so, needless to say, with the hike and that factor I did more washcloth bathing than real showers. I prefer campgrounds where there is a hook up for electricity and water and will not boon dock unless I need to but now I am comfortable with it.
   My RT is second from the right the ones on either side of me are owned by 'solo' ladies. One is from Arizona and the other from Canada. The one from Arizona is the first where the 'fence' is because she had one of her dogs with her. There were, in fact, many dogs and a few cats too. I left on Saturday instead of Sunday in order to avoid the mass exodus.
    I spent last night in Fruitland, Idaho (further than I intended to drive) and tonight I am still in Idaho but (again further than planned) in Idaho Falls where I arrived after stopping in Craters of the Moon National Monument. This national place is miles of old lava that arrived when the 'hot spots' erupted (current hot spot is under Yellowstone).
   Tomorrow I will drive to Yellowstone National Park and if I can get into one of their campgrounds, will spend a night or two right in the park.

Friday, August 06, 2010


I am amazed at how many miles I drive but have learned that I am happy when I am behind that wheel so sometimes I drive further than what I have planned. This trip has been very 'loosey, goosey' anyway so I guess that is OK.
   Driving through Mt. Rainier National Park was magnificent. I was very impressed with the beauty of it all and how nature has provided this for us to enjoy.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Hiking in Glacier

Second day in Glacier found me hiking..this is St. Mary Falls and the photo does not do it justice.

To get across another creek formed by another waterfall, I had to walk over this two board (one railing) bridge. Was fortunate to have a hiking companion who I met as we got off the shuttle bus which dropped us at the trail head. It was a glorious day although I hurt the next day (hot shower helped).
   Today I am in Soap Lake, Washington which is a lake that has minerals in it which are supposed to 'heal' the body aches and pains and when the temperature rises a bit later, I will attempt it.
   Tomorrow I am heading to Mt. Rainier and hope to camp in the National Park.