Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post Roadtrek Rally

I did the Roadtrek Rally in Orlando a couple of weeks ago (three nights) without my cats so that I could concentrate on my educational needs. I left with so much 'stuff' in my head! I met great people who never said 'no' to me when I asked questions or asked to visit inside their vans.
I am more confident now about my camper but still need to learn a few more things before I will be able to be 'on my own'. I will attend another 3 night RV get together (not just Roadtreks this time) next month and will get the rest of the 'hands on' training I think I still need. This next trip, I will take the cats and see how they orient to their 'room on wheels'.
I am still glad that I made the decision to purchase this vehicle and know it will be a wonderful journey for me. I expect to be leaving home in May and heading to the Catskills for a few months starting in June. I will 'camp' along the way to my job site and look forward to a fun time.