Friday, May 23, 2014

Weather blues

       I think the rain must be following us because now (in Connecticut) it is another 'yukky' day. All of yesterday it rained and today it looks imminent and I'm sure we will not see the sun until, perhaps, Sunday. It's not like we are doing nothing but it is all inside with very little outside time. It was lovely the day I got here and I even had to run the ac for Petey.
I have this huge site and could fit three Roadtreks on it.
       It will be interesting to see how busy this place gets for the Holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Camping in Carollton


I find this campground could be a really lovely place but with rain yesterday it is more mushy mud on the road. I am parked on the grass so should be OK by tomorrow morning pulling out since it seems to have stopped raining and the sun is coming out.

IMG_3358bitrunk tree

creekThere is a nice creek and lovely flora but nicer in sunshine I am sure.

Having rain made the place muddy and I was not unhappy to head east to Pennsylvania. But, then it rained again for the two days I was there (and had no TV or internet) and was happy to leave there too.

Headed east and the sun was shining but today, guess what it is doing, again! Have T.V (cable) and some internet so have entertainment (other than books) while inside.

I know – ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


   It has been a busy few weeks since last I wrote so I am taking a couple of days to do not much of anything (I will walk, take some photos).
    The INTO rally (International Area of FMCA) was a success for the Roadtreks who attended (27 of us). We were parked together, had our hook ups and were in the middle of all the rally activities.
  The first evening was a hot dog 'bash' which turned into a Solo Cup party and with the President of INTO and VP leading the show, it was a fun time.
      Then we had breakfasts catered by Cracker Barrel and evening entertainment that was really good.
 Perfect location for Happy Hours.

  But having fun is exhausting!