Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post Tropical Storm Fay

Now that I have had the walls taken out downstairs after my 16" of water (lake overflowed into the downstairs room), I am awaiting the contractor to start remodel/reconstruction and waterproofing! I am thankful that the damage was only to that part of my house and feel quite 'lucky' compared to other folks in our area.
I am replacing the bottom couple of steps with concrete to prevent the seepage that occurs when heavy rain super saturates the dirt under the house. The waterproofing stuff will be applied there and all around the concrete block where seepage could occur. I am replacing the back sliding glass door with windows so there will be concrete on the bottom of those to seal too. The sliding glass door to the patio will become a 'french' type door. When it is all done, I will have the big problem of choosing a color to paint and then figure out what I'm really going to use that room for other than the storage in the closet. The only furniture left downstairs is the single bed which somehow survived the flood.
This project is ending the thoughts of a trip to the north this month so I will have to be content with my new room being my next birthday present to myself. I may, however, go to Georgia for a couple of days to spend the actual 'day' with my friend Sue and her husband.