Friday, January 21, 2011

home again

   Well, Petey and I are home again for about 10 days and then we will head to Mid Winter Rally. We enjoyed our little 'visit/rest' trip which included seeing my uncle/aunt and an old 'beaux' too while we were in Ft. Lauderdale. I could not believe the change in weather from one day to the next. I went from winter jacket to tank top and cut offs!
   We had a day indoors (raining) and that was OK too. And, we got home yesterday before the rain started again. I still have 'stuff' to get out of the RT, but the important things are in the house so I will get to it when the rain is lighter or tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Actually away....

  Petey and I actually left home last Wednesday and headed southwest where I thought it might be warmer (Florida, this is) but although the sun was shining, the temperatures were not so great. I stayed at Ramona's in Punta Gorda for a couple of nights and then up to Englewood for a night with Chicki. In both places, I was provided electric so I could use my heater at night when it really got a bit too cold for me. Petey doesn't seem to mind cold but I certainly need my heat!
     From Englewood, I headed south and after a stop at the Camping World in Ft. Myers, I headed to an RV park in Homestead. Saturday afternoon I was able to put on a tank top and cut-offs! Sunday, Pepper and her mom arrived and we got to spend some nice time in the sunshine.
    This morning we woke to rain and it has been doing that all day sometimes very, very heavy and we had some thunder too. Petey did not seem to mind the thunder as many of my previous cats have so I keep learning about him. He also has discovered how to get under the covers and I finally got a picture of him with his head sticking out while I was stopped at a red light. I did post it on Facebook for those who have that access.
   Tomorrow I am heading to Ft. Lauderdale and in that area, I will get to see my Uncle Dave/Aunt Bobbi. I'm not sure if I will one or two nights.
   I have taken no other photos on this short trip. It is more of a 'resting' , visiting, and doing not much of anything trip. I needed to 'get away' and this is great!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

still home

         I am not thrilled that I have not gone anywhere yet but very soon I will get back 'on the road' even if it is for short trips until the weather straightens out around the country.
         Today I visited with some friends who spend the winter camping in the park across the street from me (good county campground) and that made me more interested in going than ever.
   My Petey keeps me smiling (notice the crossed legs) as he now 'rules' this house. There is no more hiding in the closet and when he wants something (like every time I go in the kitchen) he talks to me.
    Just wanted to let you all know things are kinda 'status quo' for now.