Monday, February 16, 2015

February, already

    Seems it has been a while since I actually wrote but I have been driving across the country and that seems to keep me busy. After getting back from California and the really cold, cold weather (for me), I went to Crystal River for an RTI rally where we had lots of folks to enjoy the food, friendships and Homosassa Springs where we saw some great nature.

   We went from there to a restaurant that gave us fantastic steamed shrimp with enough for another meal (and I got the smaller portion)! I hope to not get as big as LU (the hippo).
   We got home for a couple of weeks before heading to Mississippi for a fun weekend of (more) food and friendships.
Mardi Gras in Gautier, Mississippi was absolutely fun.
      And then, it was quickly back to Florida and the SEA rally (an FMCA area) in Sarasota where we had 36 RTs together and fun was had again.
      We had hoped the weather would have been warmer but at least we did have great sunshine. We will be home for a little bit before heading back to the west coast of Florida for fun and friends (and food, always) and the McClean Music Festival.

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